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Ha Roun ibn Mohammed ibn Abdullah ibn Mohammed ibn Ali ben Abdullah ibn Abbas, called Jafar, the Hunter of Transylvania

Player: Tad
Clan: Assamite
Nature: Innovator
Demeanor: Autocrat
Generation: 7th
Embrace: 1151
Apparent Age: 25
Physical: Strength 2, Dexterity 4, Stamina 2
Social: Charisma 2, Manipulation 2, Appearance 2
Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 5, Wits 2
Talents: Alertness 3, Empathy 2, Leadership 1
Skills: Archery 1, Etiquette 2, Herbalism 2, Melee 1, Ride 3
Knowledges: Academics (Math) 3, Hearth Wisdom 2, Linguistics 3, Occult (Astrology) 5, Science (Astronomy) 2
Disciplines: Animalism 1, Auspex 2, Celerity 1, Quietus 1, Assamite Sorcery 5
Sorcery: Whispers of the Heavens 5, The Desert Sands 3, Hunter's Winds 2, Rego Vitae 1
Rituals: Illuminate the Trail of the Prey, Touch the Earth, Pebble from the Mountain, Defense of the Sacred Haven, Principal Focus of Vitae Infusion, Blood's Cry for Vengeance, Gift of Mithra's Bull, Approach the Veil, Clinging of the Insect, Directing Ahriman's Lance, Nectar of the Bitter Rose (level 5 version)
Backgrounds: Generation 2, Herd 2, Resources 1
Merits/Flaws: Natural Linguist, 2 pt. Merit; Celestial Attunement, 1 pt. Merit; Eidetic Memory, 2 pt. Merit; 2nd Class Citizen (Moor), 2 pt. Flaw; Prey Exclusion (Christian), 1 pt. Flaw; Hunted (Crusaders), 4 pt. Flaw
Virtues: Conviction 3, Self-Control 4, Courage 3
Road: Blood 7
Willpower: 7
Maximum Blood Pool: 20
Blood per Turn: 4
Maximum Trait Rating: 6

Discipline Abilities:

Animalism 1 - Feral Speech
Effect: When looking into an animal's eyes, comands may be given by speaking in that animal's language. Cooperation is not guaranteed, and commands should be tailored to the personality of that animal type.
System: no roll is necessary to initiate speech, but a Charisma + Animal Ken roll (diff 6, adjusted for roleplaying and circumstance) is made to determine the animal's reaction.

Auspex 1 - Heightened Senses
Effect: sharpens all five senses. may cause short, obscure flashes of empathy or odd premonitions. Sudden or strong stimuli (thunderclap, flare of light, etc.) may render the related sense unusable for one hour (blind, deaf, etc.)
System: no cost to activate. may require a roll of your unmodified Auspex rating against a variable difficulty (usually 6 to 9) to determine if you sense something especially low-key.

Auspex 2 - Soulsight
Effect: With this power, you may read the aura of the target. This may allow you to determine the target's emotional state, breed, etc. As the emotional state of the target changes, so will his aura.
System: Roll Perception + Empathy (diff 8). Each success reveals more of the aura.
1 successpale or bright only
2 successescolor
3 successespattern
4 successessubtle shifts
5 successesmixtures of color and pattern

Celerity 1
Effect: Additional actions may be gained with full dice pools.
System: Spend one Blood Point for each extra action you wish to take, to the limit of your Celerity rating.

Quietus 1 - Silence of Death
Effect: no sound may enter or leave an area around you.
System: Spend one Blood Point. an area (appx 15' square) around you becomes silent. This effect lasts for one hour per activation.

Assamite Sorcery
All Sorcery Paths require that one Blood Point be spent, and a Willpower roll must be made (difficulty of the power's level + 3). Failure indicates that the magic does not activate, while a botch indicates that a point of permanent Willpower is lost.

Hunter's Winds 1 - Scent of Deception
Effect: Mask or alter your scent.
System: Success indicates that you can change or negate your scent, increasing the tracking difficulties of any creature that tracks by smell. Failure means nothing happens, while a botch amplifies your scent, or makes it very offensive.

Hunter's Winds 2 - Chameleon's Skin
Effect: You may change the color and texture of your skin and clothing to match your surroundings.
System: If successful, all Perception related tasks regarding you are rolled at + 4 difficulty, as long as you remain still. Any sudden change in position negates the effects. Slow, careful movement allows you a Perception + Stealth roll (diff 6, 9 if someone is actively looking for you) to continue the effects. This ability lasts for one scene, unless negated before that time.

The Desert Sand 1 - Vivasepultura
Effect: Loose sand, dirt, or gravel will envelop a victim, burying him alive. Normally, it is a simple matter to dig your way out.
System: One foot of material will create a tripping hazard or slow a pursuer, eight feet will bury a standing (man-sized figure). A mortal completely buried suffers no damage the first turn, but each turn thereafter causes one health level of cumulative damage (1 on the second turn, 2 on the third turn, 3 on the fourth turn).

The Desert Sand 2 - Whisper of the Desert Wind
Effect: You may whisper a short message, which will be carried by the wind to it's intended recipient.
System: Distance and length of message are dependent upon the number of successes rolled.
1Across a roomA word
2A mileA simple phrase
310 milesA full sentence
4100 milesA paragraph
5+Any distanceA complete thought

The Desert Sand 3 - Flight of the Djinn
Effect:You may summon a 'Dust Devil' large enough to lift the you into the air and take you wherever you wish. You are totally concealed by the cyclone as you travel, as well as defended with flying debris.
System: Spend two Blood Points. You are encompassed in the eye of a small 'tornado.' You do not spin. The tornado has an effective armor 3 and you may strike anyone within melee distance as the tornado hurls objects about at your command. You may travel at a maximum of 45 mph.

Whispers of the Heavens 1 - Map the Skies
All uses of Whispers of the Heavens are at +1 difficulty in overcast weather and +2 difficulty in storms. This Path cannot be used if you cannot see the sky.
Effect: you may divine your location from looking at the stars.
System: Roll normally, the number of successes indicates how accurate your estimate is. With a map, you can pinpoint your location, otherwise, you know where you are relative to local landmarks.
1100 miles
210 miles
31 mile
4250 yards
510 yards

Whispers of the Heavens 2 - Read Heaven's Plans
Effect: You may divine the approximate fate of the ground where you stand or a person who you are touching, although with somewhat less than absolute precision.
System: You must be standing on the ground or touching the person who is the subject of this power. With a successful roll, you may divine the most likely future with a range of time determined by the number of successes on the roll. This divination is imprecise, and is composed of flashes of vision and sound related to the events in question, and may be symbolic in nature.
11 Lunar Month
21 Season
31 Year
41 decade
51 century

Whispers of the Heavens 3 - Call Down the Hunter's Moon
Effect: This power grants you a sense of the best time to act in a particular manner. You may name an action or event which you are planning, and you will know the best time in which to act.
System: Say aloud the action in question. With a successful roll, you will know the best time within the next 3 lunar months (or the best hour before the next dawn for a more pressing task) to perform this action.
If the action in question is performed at the time indicated, you will gain a number of temporary Willpower points equal to the number of successes rolled (only one roll per action), any excess of these Willpower points left over at the end of the night or the completion of the mission are lost.
A group of people equal to your Leadership rating may benefit from this ritual. If they willingly sacrife a Blood Point on use of the power, each individual gains the full Willpower bonus, with the same rules and restrictions.
This power may only be used on extended, complex tasks, which usually take more than a single die roll to complete. Likely uses include an assassination, a siege, a touchy diplomatic negotiation. This power does not guarantee success, but it can help quite a bit.

Whispers of the Heavens 4 - Trace the Soul's Favor
Effect: Use the target's name and date of birth (or embrace) to determine his "natal chart."
System: Roll normally, +1 diff if you only know one of the relevant facts (name, date of birth), +3 diff if you know neither. For each success, you know one facet of that person's abilities (abilities of higher levels tend to come out more.) Five successes gives clues to that character's ultimate fate. A botch alerts the subject to the fact that someone is spying on him, and if he ever sees you, he will know that you have spied on him before.

Whispers of the Heavens 5 - Ripples on the Sea of Stars
Effect: This power allows you to use the heavens as a vast scrying pool. You may observe any events which are occurring under the same stars that you see.
System: You must be at least casually familiar with at least one aspect of the scene you wish to view (a person, location, or object). If you have read the future of this target before, the difficulty of your roll is reduced by one. The scene being observed must be under the night sky, and must be within sight of a star that you can see (weather imposes the usual penalties, but does not block vision). If the scene is happening under the sun or under a roof, the attempt fails. The number of successes determines the clarity of vision and the amount of mystic influence you may exert.
One SuccessYou may dimly see the scene
Two SuccessesYou may see and hear the scene
Three SuccessesYou may view the scene with perfect clarity
Auspex 1, 2 and 4 may be used
Four SuccessesAs above
All Auspex powers may be used
Any Sorcerous Paths (not Rituals) may be used
Five SuccessesAs above
All Auspex powers may be used
Any Sorcerous Path or Ritual may be used

All Thaumaturgy Paths require that one Blood Point be spent, and a Willpower roll must be made (difficulty of the power's level + 3). Failure indicates that the magic does not activate, while a botch indicates that a point of permanent Willpower is lost.

Rego Vitae 1 - A Taste for Blood
Effect: By simply tasting the blood of your target, you may determine several things about that subject. You will always know how much Vitae remains in his body. If the subject is a vampire, you may learn how recently he has fed, his approximate generation, and (3+ successes required) whether he has recently committed diablerie.
System: The number of successes on the roll determines how much information is gained.


Roll Intelligence + Occult (diff 3 + the level of the ritual, maximum 9). If the ritual ends on the next inauspicious night, roll a die every night until a one comes up, the ritual ends then.

Level One

Illuminate the Trail of the Prey This ritual causes the victim's wake to glow in a way that only you can see, revealing the path taken by the subject. The glow's brightness reflects the amount of time that has passed since the subject was last there. Any method of travel will be revealed, but the ritual is nullified if the victim wades through or immerses himself in water. You must have seen the subject before in order to cast this ritual, and you must have a starting point where you know the subject has been. After the casting, the ritual lasts until the subject is found or he manages to get himself into a place where he will not travel any further.

Touch the Earth Must be prepared well in advance, requires a clay tablet, a stylus, acid, chalk or paint, mortar and pestle, food, and a sacrificial animal. It may only be used with an Assamite of lower Generation than yourself. Success allows you to use the animal's head as a macabre telephone, listening at the mouth and speaking into the ear, to communicate with the subject of the ritual. Once completed, you may use any Assamite Path or Ritual to aid the target, and you may pass objects that fit in the palm of your hand to the target.

Pebble from the Mountain Using a stone from Mount Alamut, you may create a mystical telepathic link between yourself and another Assamite. You must soak the stone in one Blood Point from each Assamite, then give the stone to the subject. Therafter, by placing the stone in his mouth and repeating the incantation, the subject may communicate with you from any distance.

Defense of the Sacred Haven Spend one Blood Point, and inscribe sigils with that blood over any openings into the room. Once finished, no sunlight may pass within 20 feet of where the ritual was performed.

Level Two

Principal Focus of Vitae Infusion You may infuse a physical object (must fit within your hand) with one of your Blood Points. You must use one of your own Blood Points, and perform the four hour ritual. Afterward, the caster may dissolve the object by touch, releasing the Blood. If this object is intended for use by another vamp, the subject must be present for the ritual, but the blood must still come from the caster.

Blood's Cry for Vengeance Links two or more participants in a subtle psychic bond. If any member of this group dies, the others gain a vision of her demise, and a flash of her emotional state at the time of death. Each individual to be linked (maximum of your Occult score) must donate two Blood Points. This blood is boiled in a wooden bowl while the participants meditate. If successful, the effects are permanent. There is no limit on the number of circles a character may belong to.

Gift of Mithra's Bull Vizier and subject must be connected by Touch the Earth or Pebble from the Mountain. With a prepared wineskin and knife, the subject may donate blood to you by making a small incision. The blood appears in the wineskin, and the wound is healed instantly.

Level Three

Clinging of the Insect You may crawl on walls and ceilings with this ritual. All that is required for the casting is a small spider, which must be eaten alive. You may then crawl on any surface that will support your weight, save for extremely slick surfaces, such as teflon or glass, which will negate the ritual.

Approach the Veil You must ingest kalif laden blood and bathe in the blood of a bull. Used for research into the Veil, but does give you a bonus. The next Path or ritual roll made has the difficulty decreased by the number of successes made for this ritual, so long as you have lost no blood since completion of Approach the Veil.

Level Four

Directing Ahriman's Lance Vizier takes either an accurate image of the target or a small object that the target once owned, and swallows it. After one hour, the component is remove surgically, and allows the possessor of that object to make any rolls which would lead up to the death of the target at a lower difficulty. The difficulty of such rolls is decreased by the number of successes on the ritual roll. This ritual lasts until the next inauspicious night.

Nectar of the Bitter Rose (revised house rules) Well, I lost the copy of the original ritual that I had (again...), but here are the basic rules... Unlike the 3rd level ritual, up to ten Cainites may share in the Amaranth of an individual vampire. The rolls are the same (something along the lines of a self-control roll to see if the enacting vamp can stop before completing the diablerie, followed by a Mental + Occult? roll to see if the potion is mixed correctly). The penalties for failure are a little more severe in this version, but it also works on vamps as low as 8th gen.

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