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Session one (Book One)

Act One - The Summoning

Scene One - Arrival

Scene Two - Conversations With a Madman

Scene Three - The Patron's Request

Scene Four - On the Road

Session Two (Book One)

Act One - The Summoning

Scene Four - On the Road

Scene Five - Meeting with Radu

Scene Six - The Ruins

Session Three (Book One)

Act One - The Summoning

Scene Seven - Night Visitor


Scene Eight - Moment of Truth

Act Two - The Binding

Scene One - The Heart of the Land

Scene Two - Challenges

Scene Three - On the Road

Scene Four - The Prisoner

Scene Five - The Tremere

Scene Six - The Setting of the Web

Session Four (Book One)

Act Three - The Release

Scene One - Rumors of Things to Come


Scene Two - Confirmation

Scene Three - An Evening with the Traveling Folk

Scene Four - Interruption by Fire

Aftermath - Escape from the Inquisition

Scene Five - Unwelcome Receptions

Scene Six - The Prophet Speaks Again

Session Five (Books One and Two)

Act Three - The Release (Book One)

Scene Seven - A Visitor and a Proposal

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