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DC Universe Sourcebook

Ever since I first remade my homepage, I had that I would make a DC Universe Sourcebook. I've finally had time to make the Sourcebook and here it is. Characters like Superman and Batman able to combat against the likes of Dr. Doom or Bullseye. Even have Spider-Man or Captain America facing off against Brainiac or Sinestro. If there are characters you want to see that I don't know or have up yet, send me information and a pic. ThanX!

UPDATE!!! It may have been a while, but check out all the pages for new stats and what not! Also, due to technical problem, the new Marvel RPG site is here, so update your bookmarks!

Hero Stats:



Wonder Woman


Green Lantern

The Flash

Green Arrow and Black Canary

Power of Shazam



Justice League of America

Justice Society of America

Teen Titans

The Outsiders

The Doom Patrol

The Freedom Fighters




Birds of Prey

The Legion of Super-Heroes

The New Gods

The Secret Six

Special Index:

Other Heroes


The Supporting Cast

The Deceased

The Multiverse

Infinite Crisis


The Atlas of the DC Universe

Outer Space

The Mystics

Up, Up and Away!

These characters are the copyright property of DC Comics Group. They are used here without permission. My sole intent in providing these stats is to interest people in the works of DC Comics.