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Ben Riely's Marvel RPG Page

Hey, Welcome to to my Homepage!!! I've had little expirence with Marvel RPG, heck, I've played it only twice with my friend! My friend's gone so I have nothing to do! *SNIFF*

Due to an unfortunate circumstance, this is my new homepage! I'm sorry to cause all this trouble, but for some reason, I can't log onto my old site. Regardless, I will still always try and create the best stats that I can.

I' always looking for new ideas for my page, so if you have any that I could try out, I would be happy to hear what you have to say. Even corrections or stat changes are appreciated.....from time to time, not all the time! =^-^= Just Kidding! Any ways, it'll take awhile to get all the stats back on here like they were, so bare with me. Again, I hope that you enjoy my site. Text taken from the Marvel Encyclopedia.

ATTENTION!!! My e-mail has changed to now! Please note the change, because my other e-mail had been slammed with spam!

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Hero Stats:


Captain America

Iron Man

The Mighty Thor

The Incredible Hulk



Team Stats:

The Fantastic Four

The Avengers

The X-Men

The Guardians of the Galaxy

The Champions

The Defenders

The Thunderbolts

The Young Avengers

The Runaways

The Agents of Atlas

The Exiles

Special Index

The Hero Index

The Villain Index

The Supporting Cast Index

The Deceased

Civil War

Outer Space

The Mystic and the Occult

Sourcebooks and Other Things:

DC Universe Sourcebook

Image Universe Sourcebook

The Alternate Reality Sourcebook

Media Sourcebook

Site Maps to The Marvel Earth Thanks to the Marvel Atlas Project!

Stan Lee's Mutants, Monsters and Marvels

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