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The Teen Titans

Victor Stone always paid his debts. Nearly killed as a young man by a lab accident, Vic was rebuilt as a half-human Cyborg and drafted by the Teen Titans, a “Junior Justice League” who helped Vic channel his rage and despair into heroism. That act of kindness saved Vic’s life and made the world a better place. Without the Titans’ intervention, he would have been a much darker path.

Over time, the team matured, as did Vic, who helped hold it together through several incarnations until its cataclysmic end, when a Superman robot cut a murderous swath through both the Titans and the group they’d inspired, Young Justice. Those who survived stayed solo, but in order to find a lifeline to the future, he would have to remember the past.

With the cooperation of city officials, Vic designed and built a new Titans Tower off the coast of San Francisco. There, he proved the new generation of young heroes a place to belong, just as others had once done for him. So long as he has anything to say about it, there will always be a Teen Titans. Victor Stone always pays his debts.

Current Incarnations:
Teen Titans
The Titans (Villains for Hire)

Former Incarnations:
The Original Teen Titans
New Teen Titans
Titans Hunt and Team Titans
Arsenal's Titans
Atom's Teen Titans
The Titans and Titans L.A.
Young Justice
Teen Titans (One Year Later)
Teen Titans East
The Titans