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The Justice Society of America

It's no secret why the world was sorely in need of the Justice Society. His name was Hitler. And so this team of costumed mystery men came together, lent a helping hand to the Allies, and formed the inaugural version of what is now a superhero mainstay: the Team. They were the first assemblage of heroes to fight bad guys just because they thought they should. During one such battle the team was bathed in chronal energy which allowed them to remain relatively young and vital; they remained virtually untouched by time until the Zero Hour crisis years later.

When Uncle Sam repaid them by suggesting they may be spies, they graciously stepped down from the public's view. But that didn't mean that they gave up crime fighting. Over the next years many members of the JSA continued to don masks and capes as they protected the innocent in their respective cities. And they did eventually reform, teaming from time to time with the new era's Justice League. When the Crisis threatened to destroy the Earth, nearly the entire JSA was banished to Limbo where they held back the evil Ragnorok.

Years later, the heroes emerged from Limbo, many of them ready to return to their lives as superheroes. The Flash, Sentinel (Green Lantern I), Hawkman, Wildcat and Sand (Sandy the Golden Boy) are some of the early JSA members who continue the good fight to this day. The newest incarnation of the team is based in Wesley Dodds' (the original Sandman) Manhattan manor. And while some of the members are second or third generation versions of the original JSA's roster, they retain the sense of honor and heroism that first gave the Justice Society its good name.

Current Team:
Justice Society of America (One Year Later)
The All-Stars

Former Versions of the Team:
Justice Society of America (World War II Era)
JSA (The Return)