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The Justice League of America

They had been watching. The warring leaders of the planet Appellax, having monitored from afar the end of Earth’s Golden Age of Heroes, assumed they were safe in claiming our now-undefended world as their ultimate battleground.

A new generation proved them wrong. During the alien’s long trek to Earth, new defenders had arisen, fast creating their own heroic legacy. Together, they repelled the Appellaxian Invasion. Eager to continue working as a team, drawing inspiration from the retired Justice Society, these “freshmen heroes” formed a league of their own.

Initially, Black Canary, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern and the Martian Manhunter formed the group’s core. Before long, co-founders Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman assumed full membership as well. In the years since, almost all Earth’s champions have at one time or another held a place on the roster. Among heroes, there is no greater honor than being asked to join the Justice League of America.

Over the years, the team has been splintered or reformed. From their headquarters in Washington, DC, the Justice League serves as mankind’s premier protectors, Earth’s frontline against threats too powerful for any one hero to defeat.

Current Incarnations:
The Justice League of America

Former Incarnations:
Justice League (Original Line-Up)
The Justice League of America (Satellite Era)
The Justice League of America (Detroit Era)
Justice League International
The Justice League Europe
Justice League Task Force
Extreme Justice
The Justice League of America (The Magnificient Seven)
The Justice League of America (After saving Aquaman)
Justice League Elite
Justice League