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What is new?

11/4/99 Added "Himitsu illust" are increasing. And check this one.

10/22/99 Added "Himitsu illust" URL wo mireba wakaru yo. (I updated some picture, you can find those things to watch URL)

10/19/99 Added Baiken's 7ht combo. Weekly combo has updated too.

10/15/99 Added Baiken's combo and Self page.

10/14/99 Added Baiken's VS Sol perfect combo -without Charge Cancel Ver.(too long!)

10/12/99 Added Baiken's VS Sol perfect combo.

10/6/99 Added Baiken's combo.

10/4/99 Added Baiken's combo page. But I just made it. I've not done the work of page.

9/27/99 Added How watch review page and tip page.

9/21/99 Added Justice picture. That was draw by

9/20/99 Added 2 pages to link.

9/15/99 Added Sol's combo and Ky's 6th combo. ....well..I was update here...but..I did't save the file?

5/25/99 Added Ky's combo. Sorry I can not up date picture.(T^T)

5/1/99 Added Sol's combo. next up date will picture.

4/14/99 Added Justice's combo and 2 pictures

4/13/99 Added Ky's combo.

3/29/99 Repair to link Manga Seeker. 3/12/99 Added Justice page. But only one combo added in that page.

3/2/99 Added Gallery page. There has three pictures.

2/22/99 Added Gallery page. But I don't have any picture right now. Sorry.

2/1/99 Added Guilty Gear page of Tips, but this is very few words.

1/26/99 Added Sol's combo page and Japanese pages.

1/20/99 Added Justice's combo page.

1/15/99 Added Sol's combo, Ky's combo and Justice'scombo.

1/13/99 I added Justice's combo page.

1/11/99 I added in Guily page, those are Ky and Justice's combo.

1/7/99 I tried to make Guilty page. But still constracting.

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