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(C)Dr.Country Do not use this picture without his agreement.

I'm type-01 Gear. My word is law!


24~30hit combo

You must do Dash IR (641236n6+S). That will hits 16~18.
If you want to more hits, take distance enemy.(so 20 hits)
and Duck HS diffculut to hit, so you hit DIR then push 2 and HS rapidly.

Onepoint:If enemy takes avoid next to MS, you couldn't hit IR.
Onepoint2:It can do only Justice. (If not Justice, couldn't hit 2+HS next to DIR.)

Damages:almost 50%

2, D>K (or 2+K)>S>HS>2+HS>MS>IR

7~16hit combo

That is little more diffrent to chain combo. Because hard to take timing.
So, if you hit "Stand HS," keep pushing downword and HS.
This is using the CPU Justice too.

Onepoint:Finaly IR won't hit avoided enemy too.

Damages:almost 50% (45%?)

3, D>R1>6+HS(throw)>IR>IR>IR>IR>.....

99hit combo over

This is not discoverd for me, but this is great job, so I iformation.
At end of scroll, throw an enemy then IR. the end of IR, next IR start!
to be repeat to die an enemy.

Onepoint:Very very hard to take timing. And if an enemy avoid, you couldn't do this.


4, DMS>2+HS>IR>Gamma Ray(46463214+HS)

35~?hit combo(?)

This isn't discoverd for me too,(this combo discover by Mr. Yun)
but very very beautiful combo, so I want to explain this combo.
First, you must go back to end of monitor then command Dash MS.(4123n6+S)
If DMS hit 3times and take enemy's back, do duck HS.
Duck HS hit, next is IR. So enemy will be stan.
Let's do the "Gamma Ray"!!!(20hit combo and stan again)

Onepoint:The enemy could take avoid when hit DMS. If life gage is yellow, you can do "Gamma Ray" again to kill.



5hit combo

This is not have many damages, just like taunt.

Onepoint:Enemy will be back of you.

Damages:least 10%

6, Jump Dash>JP>JK>JS>JHS>2+K>2+HS>MS

Cool combo. But so hard to do. This can hit to only justice.
Feel aim to Justice's sholder. If hit JP, you must rapidly other command.

Onepoint:Jump is only "8" then forward key twice. (easy for me)

Damages:almost 50%

5, High Jump>D>JP>JK>JS>JHS>2+HS>MS>DIR>GR

This is can hit only Justice too. Because other character have not enough height.
If you complete this combo, JHS will hit opponent back.

About 40hit combo

Onepoint:Enemy could take to avoid next to MS.

Damages:almost 80%

6, D>R1>Throw>D>SBT>MS>DMS>MS...

Must be end of screen. Because hard to hit SBT.
This is cool combo. If your opponent stay one side, let's use this one.

6~7 hit combo

Onepoint: Enemy couldn't take avoid to the second hit MS.

Damages:almost 40%

7, D>FwJ>L1>JK>JHS>2+HS>MS

First, Please Jump on opponent head,(with blinking) then click L1 for change direction.
That's all.

6 hit combo

Onepoint:If you Dush long distance, Justice will blink that makes "Braker" hit.


VS Justice perfect combo!!

DIR>2+HS>Gamma Ray>DIR>2+HS>IR>Gamma Ray

Remember #1 combo or look back. This is arrenge its. Red words are when you hit that attack an enemy will dizzy.
If you can do DIR, this is easy for you. DIR must do end of scrole.

Onepoint:One of hard point that is second time 2+HS's next IR. (red color=dizzy)


VS Chipp perfect combo!!


Yeah! Good job Chipp! You are tough guy! (^^;

Onepoint:First time's DIR will take almost harf of his life.


VS All character!


Truly, this combo can't use for Pote and Justice.
But can use for all of others.

Onepoint:Opponent can avoid next MS.