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Here is an introduction of my favorite Home Pages.

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Irvine Unified School District: This page has many contents, please explore yourselves.(--;

Irvine high school: This is in above one, it's my school.


Always carry GAME or ANIME sites.(^^; This is very cool site.There are some movies of match.
Let's check it!(But it is too big file, like 3000MB!)

Guity Gear HQ by YUN: This is my friend's older brother's Home Page. A presentation of "Guilty Gear"

The Shrine of Guilt:You will be able to understand Guilty Gear's story better than my page.

Guilty Gear Net:I like this site. This is very cool site. If you have not visited, Let's go now!

: Made by Gulity Gear company. Add URL to "guity1.htm"

: Do you know "SEGA?"

Evangelion Fan Page: If you want to know "EVA", let's go.

Anaheim Electronics Online: There is cool site. If you like "GUNDAM", GO!

Roy's Page of Goodness: He has many contents in his home page. Let's go now.

[search engine]

They are very useful sites.

Yahoo: Everybody started to Net Serfing for this page. I mean very popular site it is.

Altavista: There is many result give to us, and we can search for "Internet Terms" to easy.

Infoseek: Like "Yahoo" that's it.(^^;

Mangaseeker:Dead link now

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My Favorite Links

Angelfire - Easiest Free Home Pages
WhoWhere? - The Best Communications Guide on the Web
Matt's Script Archive - Awesome Web Server Scripts
CareerPath - Where Employers and Employees Click
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