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...I must find "The man".....

Baiken will emerge when you win Justice without continue.
Her crouch High Slash is very strong and She can do very technicaly combo.
I will show you all of my combo!

1: D>K>S>2+HS>Tatami-gaeshi

Simpliest and nice combo. You have better to start practice this combo.
I guess you don't need explain.

6 hit combo


Onepoint:Tatami-gaeshi(Tatami Attack is 236+K)

2: Dash Charge>2+HS>2+HS>Tatami-gaeshi

If you could do DC, this is easy combo to you right?
But be careful, second 2+HS won't hit while you didn't hit first 2+HS with Breaker.
And also you can hit just 2hits of second 2+HS.

7 hit combo


Onepoint:Take care of first 2+HS timing. Not fast, not late.

3: Dash Charge>Throw>D>S>2+HS>CC>2+HS>YS

You will take opponent back at throw.(very interesting motion, Baiken is skating and throw then pass opponent.)
Blue mean is take back of opponent. If you take the back, Dash to opponent back.
So, you don't need explain right?

7 hit combo


Onepoint:Finaly special move would be Tatami-gaeshi.

4: Dash Charge>2+HS(Breaker)>Sanzu-watari(236-3214+HS)

This is easy too. Do DC (236n6) when Baiken start to skate, push 2+HS.
If it was hit, and make Breaker at 4th hit, you must command Sanzu-Watari fastly.

total 7 hit combo


Onepoint:If you can't do Sanzu. Think about it to command 236(Fire Ball) and 63214.

5: D(blink)>Jump>L1>JS>JHS>Yozan-sen>"JS>JHS>YS"...

Strong combo. But you must take opponent back with foward jump and L1.
"JS>JHS>YS" is continue part. All attack will be Breaker.
you can do to K.O. the opponent


Onepoint:If you make Braker attack, it can decrease opponent life over the guard.

6: Dash ver. Lv.2 Tatami-gaeshi(Braker)>Sanzu-watari(Braker)

Easy and strong combo. Condition are Chaos guage is full and you've charged up to Lv.2.
In Traning mode, you must go back to end of screen, then command 236n6+K (D ver.Tatami)
After that, do Sanzu-watari.(First hit is Braker)

Total 6 hit combo


Onepoint:3rd hit of D ver.Tatami will be Braker, if you see blinking Baiken,so command the Sanzu.

7: DC>DA(Braker)>8(chais)>JK>JS>JHS>YS>"JS>JHS>YS"

First, do Dash Charge then Dast Attack.(while she blinking) You must chais quickly, and attack JK>JS>JHS>YS quickly too.
If you complete this combo, your opponent will lost 45% of life.

5 hit combo(?)


Onepoint:If you to be continue the "JS>JHS>YS". your opponent will be die.
Because your attack is still Braker.(normal attacks can take enemy's life too.)

8: DC>Jump8>HS>2+HS(Breaker)>K>S>HS>LHJ>JS>JHS>YS>

I got a new technique!! It is Charge Dash After. When you command DC to close your opponent,
jump backward or just 8, and then your charactor will skate automaticly! It makes all attack is Breaker!!

12 hit combo


Onepoint:Baiken will skate during Baiken's HS hitting, you must command 2+HS quickly.

VS Sol perfect combo!

D>S>2+HS(2 hit)>CC>D>K>S>S>2+HS>Tatami
Dash Charge>2+HS(Breaker)>Sanzu-watari

Difficult place is just CC then Dash. It problem is only solved by practice, and you must make dizzy your opponent on Tatami.


Onepoint:You must make Breaker on Sanzu. first hit.(When hit the 4th hit of 2+HS, link to Sanzu.)

Without Charge Cancel version!

Dash Charge>2+HS(3hit)>K>S(2hit)>S>HS
>Low Height Jump Dash>JS>JHS>Youzan-sen
>DC>2+HS(4th hit will be Braker)>Sanzu-watari.

too difficult to complete this combo. Because LHJD of next to HS.
But other things will be easy for you. First 2+HS will hit 3 times and take close to the opponent.
So we can link to next Kick. The S(2hit) mean is that if you take close your opponent, Baiken's Slash will 2 hit, then you must push one more S.
This Slash is long distance S, so just one hit.
Finally, You must 2+HS(4th hit will be Braker)>Sanzu make Braker.


Onepoint:Before the Low Height..., you had better to take distance from your opponent.
Because you can do LHJD(command 686 or 23698-896) easily.