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How watch the review

My Guilty Gear page use number key.
example, if you want to do like "Hadohken" I write "236+Slash."

1, What is S, HS, P, and K?

Guilty Gear have six bottons.
squea, triangle, cross, circle, R1, and L1.

squea is in GG Punch.
cross is in GG Kick.
triangle is in GG Slash.
circle is in GG High Slash

so, P is Punch (squea botton). K is Kick (cross botton).
S is Slash (triangle botton). HS is High Slash (circle botton).

extra: Jump Slash is JS, and Jump High Slash is JHS.

2, What are these stand for? CC, JC, DC, DA, and ID.


This is stand for "Charge Cancel."
charge is "623+R1."
If you keep push R1 botton, the charactor's special move will be grade up.
But, if you part R1 key at once, your character could do combo again.


This is stand for "Jump Cancel."
If you are hitting your attack, you can jump on the way your attack motion.

In Ky, "2+HS>JC>JS>JHS"


This is stand for "Dash Charge."
This move discovered by Mr. Yun.

anyway, this technic's name have charge, so this move use to charge up.
command is "6n623+R1" (n is neutral). But! you can learn easily command.

There you GO! "236n6+R1"
(Ky, Baiken, May, Milia can do like this.)

If you do perfectly, charactor will take charge motion and skate keep that style.

extra: If you skate nearby an enemy, push forward and HS, charactor will throw enemy.
extra2: You can take close with guard and to do Breaker DA.

DA and ID

These are stand for "Dust Attack" and "Instant Death."
these are explained on manual already.

But I (ichiou) discribe to how do do that.
DA is push "S and HS" than you push upward, (call chaise jump)
you can attack to enemy.

ID is push "P and K" than you command "236+some botton."
you get 2 wins for enemy.(This is bery important part this game.)

3: conclution.

P is Punch
K is Kick
S is Slash
HS is High Slash
D is Dash
J is Jump
ID is Instand Death
DA is Dust Attack
C is Charge up
CC is Charge cancel
CS is Charge skate
JC is Jump Cancel