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I explein all of character can do that.

Dash Throw.

Dash then push R1 after the throw command.
(Pote and Clif can't do that.)

Instant Death throw.

while the end of red color screen. (keep push forword key) push R1 then throw command.
(Pote and Clif can't do that.)

Safety Charge up

Hit Dust Attack. While an oppose in the sky, You can charge safety.(this is not skill.)

Back Attack

Jump over the oppose, but must be nearby.
Just jump like on enemy's head then push L1 key.
So your character will change his direction to the enemy's back.

Low height Jump Dash.

This command is like "686." But your feel to command "689."

Breaker DustAttack

It always used by Charge Dash. If you do DC and on close distance, do DA.
The character's body was blink, it DA would be breaker. Chais the opponent to do combo.
Ky, Milia, May and Baiken can do, but also Zato can do this without Dach Charge.