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Weekly combo

"Weekly combo" is not completly combo.
sometimes the opponent can take avoid or counter attack.
But those combo is useful. You can use those combo into your battle!

2+P>2+S>MF then Potemukin Buster.

If your opponent doesn't use "Dead Angle", You can do this.


Dash(when he blink)>DA>8(chais jump)>JK>JS>JHS>IH
This is very huge damage. Try it!


Sol Badguy!
If your opponent avert the ID, you can hit S>HS>GF.


This week was....May!

If May's Kick can hit from a few distance, but this time must hit K close to opponent.
Because after the Charge Cancel Dash will be a little difcult.
Then 2+HS, You must command Aqua Rolling quickly.


This week was....Baiken!

If your chaos guage is full. Let's try this combo.
First, You must go back to end of screen, then do Dach Charge.(236n6+R1)
Baiken will skate. In that time, (Baiken started to skate) push 2+HS.
2+HS will 4 hits and 4th hit will be breaker.
If you see the breaker, command 623+S(Youzansen).


This week was....Chipp!

Chipp has weakness attack, so to do long and many combo.
In this time, try to do just 2 Charge cancel. Because GG tarnament rule was that.
Anyway, if you can do CC, this long combo will not be hard to you.
Just pay attention "Don't do so fast"
You can do Beta Blade next to Alpha Blade


This week was....Axl!

This combo is good. The opponent has many damages.
Difficult point is just 4+HS to Rensen-geki. There need little bet fast move.
Finaly 8+S mean is Rensen-kyokusa-geki.

This week was....Baiken!


Baiken's combo are (I) always started by Dash Charge.
But you can do strong combo without DC. It is the first combo.
Why I use DC, because it will make breaker attack. In the 2nd and the 3rd combo.
Yozansen will be Breaker. 3rd combo make Breaker all of attacks!

This week was....May!

Dash ver. Mr. Dolphine>Overhead Kiss

Very funny combo. Let try it. DMD=(41236n6+HS). If your opponent take guard, do Overhead Kiss.(41236+K)

This week was....Justice!

Dash ver. MS>MS>DMS>MS>DMS>MS>.....

If your opponent take distance from you, let's try this combo.
First, to hit DMS(41236n6+S) and do normal MS during Justice is skating.
if your opponent didn't take avoil, it must hit this combo to die.

This week was....Zato!

D>P>S>S(3hit)>HS>Invite Hell(S)

This is basic combo of Zato. That's all.
...You thought cheep? It isn't! The basic make all expert jub!
In this combo, you can do CC (22+R1) next to HS, then you can do D>S>HS>IH
It means D>P>S>S>HS>CC>D>S>HS>IH. see? It's good jub.

This week was....Axl!

K(middle distace)>S>2+K>S>Dototsu>Dash ver. Denei-Sageki(41236n6+K)

This is basic combo of Axl. It is simple and good.
Mr. Yun used like this combo.
If your opponent crouch, try to the K, it is middle attack.

This week was....Testament!

D>6+P(3hit)>S>HS>Grave Digger

This is basic combo of Testament. It is simple and good.
Everybody know this combo, I guess.
GD can't take garde in the sky. So you can do GD>2+K>GD>2+K>GD>...