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Ky Kiske

Ky has very strong combos. I try to teach my combo.

1, D>K>S>HS>D>K>S>2+HS>SE

8hit combo.

Ky's HS makes 2hits (nearby) that is least freeze time than enemy.
So, you could Dash and keep attacking.

Onepoint:If enemy doesn't gard, you could second time HS by stand then JC to JS>JHS>2+HS>SE

Damages:almost 50%

2, JS>JHS>2+S>2+HS>Ride the Lightning

8 or 9hit combo.

I like this combo, because that is beautiful, easy, and many damages for an enemy.

Onepoint: Duck HS will 2hits you can do RL next to 2+HS's second hit.

Damages:50% over

3, JS>JHS>2+S>2+HS>Lv.3SE>Ride the Lightning

14~16hit combo.

This is not thing about damage, this combo important the looks-good.(^^;
SE's lightning and RL's lightning... So many light is there.
If I named this combo that is...."Lightning Ky"
........(- -;

Onepoint:If hit Lv.3SE close distance, I think SD is better.

Damages:about 70%


19 hit combo.

Yesterday, I played to use Ky. I had a chance for above combo to Justice.
But, I didn't think about this combo. Like accident.

I can do this combo everytime. 4/13/99

Onepoint:Stand HS (second time) will hit only one.


5, Lv.3 SE>Lv.3 DSE>S>HS>RL

13~ hit combo.

Just you can do "Practice Mode" only.
First, get long distance from opponent. command SE(236+S)
When Ky is standing up, then you can command DSE.(236n6+S)
The after these would easy for you, so I don't explain that.

Onepoint:You must select Lv.3 in option.(push select botton when you playing Practice Mode)



10 hit combo.

Little bet hard skill which is taking opponent back.
While you are jumping over opponent's head, you push L1 botton.
That will make to take enemy's back.
You must push L1 when you pass over opponent head.
But don't be late, don't be earlier.
Important thing is only timing!

Onepoint:If your chaos guage was full, you can do JS>JHS by breaker.


VS Sol Perfect Combo!!

10+11+1=22hit combo!

First 10 hit are finally stand HS is only one hit.
And this HS will be dizzy to Sol
Second, You must go back to the edge. Command 236n6+S!
Ky will skate to close to Sol, and little more dash then S>HS>DA
Don't take a second, push 8! (chaise Jump)
So, JHS>VT....
If your opponent (Sol) doesn't die, let me try to Ride the Lightning.

Onepoint:Next to HS's D>K>S>HS... Please push K early.