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Sol Badguy

Now I information to you my Sol's combos.

1, D>2+P>K>S (or 2+S) >HS>CC>D>S>HS>Lv.3VV

8hit combos.

First, you must charge up (623+R1) to level3.
Sol's Kick can 2 hits, but you must cancel the second kick hit. onepoint:If you hit Sol's Kick, you can keep attack to downSlash. That's nice bewildment.

damages:almost 50% damages.

2, D>2+P>S>S>HS>CC>D>S>2+S>DA>Dragon Install>8>HS>VV

8hit combos.

You may attention the finaly HS, because that will only one hit.
But, you don't give up. You comanded Dragon Install, that skill gave Lv.3VV.
So, you do that VV nearby the ground.

onepoint: You must careful the enemy's "dead angle."
(dead angle is like "Gard cancel attack." If you block an attack, you can do something Special Move)
#Sol easy to do the Dead Angle by VV.

Damages:50% over

3, D>S>2+HS (or S)>Tyrant Rave (632146+HS)

9hit combo

Easy but nicely damage combo.
If you couldn't do crouch HS, you can do stand HS.
S>HS>TR is easily than above one, because you can command like that.
D>S (when hitting S command 632) >HS (146) >HS=TR

Onepoint:If you want to use this combo, just practice it!


4, DGF>S>2+S>2+HS>Lv.3 VV

7hit combo

This is looks-good combo. also good damage to an enemy.
crouch HS is big motion so you can command VV easy.

Onepoint:You must do Dash Gun Flame at end of screen.


5, JS>JHS>S>HS>CC>D>S>HS>Tyrant Rave

This is always I use combo. You practice for do easy that will soon.
And this is looks well.

Onepoint:Practice Charge Cancel Dash.


6, DGF>S>2+S>Lv.3VV>D>S>8>JS>JHS>VV

The opponent get Lv.3 VV, the opponent come from end of screan,
than, hit Dash S, It will be Dast Attack!

12 hit combo

Onepoint:Very hard combo, place, timing, avoid, and opponent are fact of hard.



When your Chaos guage is full, try this combo. First, you must take distance from opponent.
Dash for twinkling Sol's body.(It makes Breaker) Then jump!
Sol will jump over enemy head. In that time, you should push L1.
You will see that Sol is hitting opponent back. If enemy is turn back, that was your mistake.
15 hit combo

Onepoint:You must CC or do TR to cancel HS's second hit.(I mean, Never hit HS's second hit)

VS Ky Perfect Combo!

Looks so fast combo. I mean very cool.
This combo has many same pattern of attack. It will be easy to you.
You just remember that D>2+P>S>2+S>HS.
Really, this combo has just 2 charge cancel.

about 24 hit combo

One point:You must CC or do TR to cancel HS's second hit.