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Cubs Suck Poll
What does Ronnie "Woo-woo" need most?
A shower
Clothes washed
A muzzle

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Great Seasons
A look back at some of the more memorable Cubs seasons
"20 Major Events"
A list of major events that have occured since the Cubs last World Series Championship
Former Cubs
A list of players who spent time with the Cubs and went on to better things
If they mated!
Ever wonder what the child of Ron Santo and Pat Hughes would look like?
Cub Fans
Some famous Cub fans
A list of all the gay things the Cubs will give out in 2000
Steve & Chip
A tribute the the two rejects in the broadcasting booth
Cubs Disco!
This priceless picture needs no introduction.
2000 Stats
Cubs stats from the "Magical Season" that was 2000
Sammy Slammin'
A tribute to baseball's biggest ego-maniac jerk!
People who help make this fine web site
Cubs Suck downloads for your computer!
Fan Mail
This site hurt some peoples feelings, so they wrote me e-mails crying
Lee Elia Rips Cubs!
Priceless X-Rated Audio of the former Manager going nuts!
More places to see making fun of the baby bears!

A Cubs fan who goes by the name "Avenger" found this site so ofensive he decided to respond with a "Sox Suck" site of his own. The result: a pathetic excuse for a website which fails to make the Sox look stupid in any way and makes Cubs fans look even stupider. The Site looks like it was done by a 13 year old, and he calls Sox fans "commies." I don't get it. This is a real good laugh for any Sox fan!! Click here to view it!

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have seen the proof that the Cubs REALLY DO SUCK!