Great Seasons

Here's a look back at some of the more memorable years that the Cubs either totally blew it or almost made it and blew it. click on the year to read all about it

1906 Playing the team with the best single season record of all time didn't stop the White Sox from beating them!

1962 What a joke this team was.

1969 Cubs blow it!

1984 Cubs won the division, now they had a chance to go to the world series for the first time in years... but Steve Garvey had other plans for the Cubs.

1998 Sammy hits a bunch of home runs the Cubs have a lucky year. The Atlanta Braves showed the Cubs that they had no place in the playoffs.

1999 After a good year in 1998 winning the wild card, everyone had high hopes for the 1999 Cubs. Everyone thought they had a real shot at the wild card again or even the division. Things looked until June and the Cubs went into a freefall finishing last.

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