"Chipper" and "Stoney" sounds more like characters on a children's cartoon show instead of baseball broadcasters. But this is the Cubs. Steve Stone has a damn annoying voice. He reminds me of Mr. Rogers doing a baseball game using all the pansy words he uses. He says stuff like "oh that was a dandy of a catch." And Chip, that guy smiley-looking retard. Everytime Sosa whifs (which is a lot), Chip Caray screams "oh what a cut!" Can you get two more annoying, idiotic people together at the same time?? When Harry was the Sox announcer, he would curse on the air and rip on players and if he didn't like something he said it. When he came for the Cubs they asked him to tone it down but he still kinda did it. But these guys try to be so nice all the time. The words crap and damn probably offends them. Chip is a disgrace to the Caray name. Harry is rolling over in his grave. At least when Harry said something stupid it was funny. When these guys try to be funny they are stupid. If you ever catch a Cubs broadcast, you'll notice that they say the stupidest stuff. I'll try and put up as much as I can myself, but I need your help. Everytime you hear one of them make a stupid joke or remark or just anything stupid, send it to me.

"You are quite a handsom man"-Chip talking to special guest, golfer David Duvall

"Let's hope that the J.D. in J.D. Drew doesn't stand for just dandy"-Chip refering to Cardinals outfielder J.D. Drew

"Now it will take a two out hit to score Olerud from third" - Chip Caray, July 1999... Hey Chip! Did you ever hear of a passed ball, wild pitch, infield error, or balk?

Steve and Chip talking about a pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks... "CHIP: He pitches so fast you can hear that ball hiss as it goes past you!
STEVE: No that's the Arizona Diamondbacks rattles"

"Hopefullye the Cubs will start winning some ballgames, and who knows, maybe they can even make a late run for the wild card!" -Chip

"This guy is just throwing laser beams up there... oh strike three called look at that pitch explode!" -Chip

"They've had more meetings at the mound than the U.N. security counsel" -Chip

"Beware The Eye's Of Marsh" -Steve Stone when umpire, Randy Marsh, called strike three on Ray Lankford on a pitch on the inside corner

coming in from a commercial break from a game in Philadelphia, the camera showed a shot of a couple in attendance making out, here's what Steve and Chip had to say- CHIP: "it's French lick night here at the ballpark" STEVE: "and those folks in Indiana couldn't be any happier"

At Dodger Stadium, the camera man focused on the cotton candy vendor...."Look can get pink cotton candy or blue cotton candy, that just represents what kind of society we live in where you can choose what color of cotton candy you want!" -Chip

"We could really go for a double play right here...Ground ball to short. 6 to 4 to 3! Yes! Ask and ye shall receive!" -Chip

"Jiminey Christmas! Mike Hampton is batting .355!!" -Chip

(It's raining hard during the game) "Hey, ya know, this weather is great for a duck, but our safety is at stake here!" -Chip

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