The first lady is a Cub fan. When she was giving a speech in New York, she put on a Yankees hat. When she was asked on the Today Show why she was wearing a Yankees hat when she's a Cub fan, she said that she had to like an AL team too, because you can't be from Chicago and be a Cubs and Sox fan. Good thing she's not running for senate in Illinois, she'd lose my vote for that.

Here's a picture of Sosa and Clinton. Two of the world's biggest jerks meet. Sosa gave Clinton a Cubs beanie baby. Awwwww how cute!

He was a native of Chicago and loved by all Chicagoans for his part in The Blues Brothers. However, he was a Cub fan. He was also a fan of cocaine, heroin, and pot.

Many people don't know it, but Hitler was a big time Cub fan, as this rare photo proves.

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