Here is my collection of hateful e-mails so far. Sit back, relax, and have a good laugh at the expense of these idiots.

your website is a worthless piece of shit and you are a god-damn idiot...Comisky park long has it been since the socks have finished the season above .500??? How long has it been since they haveeven made the playoffs??? How much longer until they will be in them again (forever, since the indians will kick the shit out of them until theend of time)...the kids can play slogan is just one more big fucking joke for clueless mother-fuckers like wonder no one goes to your ballpark... you remind me of Gary Colemann and that little piece of shit Webster

You must be a loser with no job to have so much time to sit around and bash the Cubs with your pathetic web site...Besides, if we were all a fan of the same team, what would be the point of even following baseball?? Gotcha!!! -Renee M. Runde

Your site sucks. If you think it is something intellegent to be happy when any player gets hurt, it just proves your a moron. Chicago will always love the Cubs more than the pox.Get use to it. Your team sucks, your ballpark sucks, & the pox fans suck. No need to post this or answer it, I won't be back to this site.

You are obviously a poor and mislead southsider...... A fan of the Shitcago White Sux....We'll that's too bad, it's really a shame By the way, how's attendance at Comiskey Park these days?? Oh yeah,that's righ, it sucks!!!!!!!!! Because nobody in their right mind would be a Sox fan and go to that lousy field to watch crybaby's like Frank Thomas threaten to demand a trade if they don't bring in the fences there!!!!! Oh quick question.........WHO WENT TO THE PLAYOFFS LAST YEAR?????? That's what I thought!!!!!!!NORTHSIDE FOREVER,Brad

BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA. You rip on Cubs fans for not having to work, but you have somehow found the time to pump hours into your own cubs-bashing website, while holding down a job. Sounds kinda hipocritical to me. Hey, you should mention somewhere on this page that the Cubs have had more wins than the Sox, less losses than the Sox, and more pennants than the sox in this century. But you probably wont because you have conveniently overlooked these HUGE facts to make your stupid point to all 5000 Sox fans that are left.

Figures a Sux fan would have an anti-Cubs page. Seeing as how you're all so jealous that you're in the shadow of the Cubs. Here's a few questions: A.) Why are you losers called 'good guys.'? First off, pathetic Shoeless Joe threw the world series -- what a good guy huh? B.) Why is it you guys get nowhere near the publicity the Cubs get? Is it because the newspapers just don't pay any attention to you, or is it just because the Cubs are the real team in Chicago. C.) Why do you think you are all so high and mighty as fans? Do you honestly expect the baseball world to believe you are better fans that Cub fans? When was the last time Cub fans blamed the stadium as the reason we didn't come to the park? Oh that's right, we DO come to the park. And also because our stadium is much better. When was the last time you saw us making up lame excuses that the team was the reason we weren't going to the games? And that tidbit about Sox fans representing the working class is retarded. Sox fans r

I know you must be one of those White Sox fans who are very insecure about their own team. One of those fans, who forgets to remind themselves of a scandal that took one of the best outfielders out of the game forever. Yes, the Cubs have had their fair share of losing seasons, and years without a world series title, but you act like they are the worst organization in baseball which is not true, that distinction defintely belongs to the Montreal Expos. However, I don't go about making websites that say how much they hate the expos. Now, I'm not from the Chicago land area so my opinions may not count very much to you, but as a baseball fan. I think your prejudices will overwhelm you. However, I will say this, some friends from the chicago area have told me the only reason why white sox fans bash cubs fans is that they are trying to make themselves feel better about the one of the top three scandals in baseball history. Ranked up there with the Strike of 94 and Pete Rose. I would rank the Black Sox scandal higher than that of Rose. So for future reference, remind yourself about that great world series your beloved team threw for money. White Sox=White Trash.

The cubs dont suck at all.I wish I could say the same about the sox!HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA.They are the ones that suck!!!AS a matter of fact your page sucks.So the cubs are #1 and the sox dont even rank in!HAHAHA.

OhmyGod. Get some help - seriously. Everyone needs a hobby, but really. You sure put a lot of time into something you hate. How exciting for you.

Here's some stuff from the old site's message board

"You must be a loser with no job to have so much time to sit around and bash the Cubs with your pathetic web site"
"Your site sucks... I won't be back to this site"
"Figures a Sux fan would have an anti-Cubs page"
" a matter of fact your page sucks"
"Oh my God. Get some help - seriously. Everyone needs a hobby, but really. You sure put a lot of time into something you hate. How exciting for you"
"Just a preliminary look at your page makes me realize you're another frustrated Sox fan who's jealous of the Cubs' attendance"
"Really, I think the Sox fans are wasting their time spewing so much venom at the Cubs"
"I'm a Cubs fan. I'm not a yuppie and i'm not a lesbian, and I don't think i'm the queen of the world"
"OK whoever made this website is a frieking loser! The Cubs are frieking awesome and you can just screw yourself"
"OK---- I don't care how bad the Cubs are"

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