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Whitehead County Antrim Northern Ireland


Bin Collections (waste collection)

Residents have 2 wheelie bins, one for domestic rubbish (black or grey) and one for garden waste (brown). These are emptied fortnightly, on a rotating basis. The black (grey) bin is collected one week and the brown bin the following week. Bins should be left out by 8am on collection day.


Residents have 2 recycling boxes, one red, one black. These are collected weekly by Bryson House, who operate the recycling facilities on behalf of the council, on the same day as the waste collection. Bins should be left out by 7am on collection day. To order a free replacement or additional box telephone 028 9084 8494 or email

Recycling facilities

Blackhead car park, Whitehead (bottles, cans, paper, textiles)

Sullatober depot Carrickfergus (bottles, cans, paper, textiles, waste oil, car batteries, green waste, tyres, gas cylinders, waste cooking oil, electrical goods, computer / tv monitors)

Co-op car park Carrickfergus (bottles, cans, paper, textiles)


From 16th October 2009, food waste can be put into the brown bin, along with garden waste.

Mobile waste collection

Bin lorry available in Whitehead (Blackhead) car park Wednesdays 5.30 to 7.30pm

Batteries can now be recycled

From summer 2009, all household batteries can be recycled in your red recycling box., including AA and AAA button batteries, size C and D and any laptop and mobile phone batteries.

Put them in a clear plastic bag, eg a sandwich or freezer bag. Seal the bag and put in the red recycling box. Please, no loose batteries.

All household batteries can be recycled, including both rechargeable and non-rechargeable. It doesn’t matter if they are full or completely or partly discharged.

NO CAR BATTERIES in the red box - these can be accepted at Sullatober civic amenity site.