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Whitehead County Antrim Northern Ireland

Churches Whitehead


St Patrick’s Church of Ireland,

Rev. Mark Taylor

Victoria Avenue, Whitehead


Whitehead Baptist Church

Pastor Johnny Carson

Slaughterford Road, Whitehead


Whitehead Congregational Church

Rev. Dr. Ivan Hull

Chester Ave., Whitehead


Whitehead Methodist Church

Rev. Gary D. Millar

Balmoral Avenue, Whitehead


Whitehead Presbyterian Church

Rev. Ian Carton

Kings Rd., Whitehead

Roman Catholic

Our Lady of Lourdes

Father Sean Dillon

Victoria Avenue, Whitehead

Religious Groupings

Carrickfergus Borough Church Forum

Churches Carrickfergus


Carrickfergus Methodist Church

Roman Catholic

Saint Nicholas’

Christian Accommodation

Kerry, Ireland

P J O'Donnell's book on The Catholic Church in Whitehead

The book “The Catholic Church in Whitehead: A short history” is currently available direct from the author and can be posted anywhere in the world. Use the contact form if you want to get in touch with him. Some of his other books about Whitehead are also available.

Churches and Religious Groupings Whitehead