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Whitehead County Antrim Northern Ireland

What can I recycle and how?


Card/ cardboard

Glass bottles (NOT broken)

Glass jars (NOT broken)

Textiles / clothes (please tie in a plastic bag)

Hand tools

Christmas cards (please tie in a plastic bag)

Household batteries (please tie in a plastic bag)




Magazines (including glossies)

Catalogues / brochures

Office Paper

Junk Mail (please remove envelopes)

Plastic bottles

Food and drink cans

Biscuit / sweet tins


Aerosol Cans

Information gathered from Carrickfergus Council website and Bryson House leaflets

Electrical goods

(1) If you are buying a new item, ask your  retailer if they collect the old one

(2) Take it to Sullatober recycling centre

(3) arrange for a “Bulky Collection” from the Council.

Household Batteries

All AA, AAA batteries, button batteries, size C and D and any laptop or mobile phone batteries should be put in a clear plastic bag and SEALED.

(1)Your RED box

Car Batteries

(1) Sullatober amenity site only

Aluminium and tin (steel) Cans

(1) Your BLACK box

(2) Recycling Facilities

Clean Aluminium Foil

All clean foil from Easter eggs, kitchen foil, takeaway trays, pie/bun cases. No dirty foil or crisp bags, please

(1) Your BLACK Box

Hand Tools

All old or unwanted hand tools such as saws, chisels, hammers and pliers.

(1) Your RED box

Christmas Items

Christmas trees - Sullatober site

Christmas Cards - RED box (tie in plastic bag)

Clothes / textiles

Shoes (in pairs), clothes and bedding. Please tie in a separate bag

(1) Your RED box

(2) recycling facilities

Garden Waste

(1) Your BROWN bin (fortnightly)

(2) Your own compost bin - buy one from Sullatober site

Food Waste

(1) Your BROWN bin

Bryson House CANNOT recycle

Christmas Wrapping paper


plastic wrapping

kitchen roll, tissues or paper towel

Power tools

Yogurt pots, margarine tubs, plastic trays,  ice cream tubs or plastic bags

Light bulbs, ceramics or broken glass

Car batteries

OVERFLOW bags will be collected if left out beside boxes, with SEPARATE bag for each item. NO GLASS in overflow bags, please