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Whitehead County Antrim Northern Ireland

Old photograph of Whitehead promenade

Old Photo Book

A gentleman from England recently contacted the Whitehead web site to offer a lovely old book of photographs of Whitehead plus two from Islandmagee and one of Carrickfergus Castle. He kindly posted it across and it has now been lodged in Whitehead library for safekeeping, among the other special items relating to Whitehead. It is available for reference if anyone is interested. The pictures are all black and white photographs, some of which can be seen for sale as postcards on the Internet; however, the pictures in the book are all clear, and without blemish, unlike many of the postcards.

The book itself was published by Fleming & Co and the book includes a picture of their shop near the railway station, where Jonnychef is currently sited. The picture was taken from the old railway bridge which some people will remember and which was taken down some years ago, before Whitehead became a conservation area!

picture of front book cover of old photographic views of Whitehead Old photograph of shop in Whitehead, with horses and carriages Old photograph of Victoria Avenue, Whitehead (Chapel Hill)