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Carrickfergus Information provided by Carrickfergus Borough Council

Whitehead web site gets news from Carrickfergus Borough Council about events and happenings of interest to Whitehead residents and visitors, so a new set of web pages has been set up to pass this on to you.

For further information:

Stephen Daye, Parks & Countryside Development Officer,

Carrickfergus Borough Council .

Tel: (028) 93358039 ~ Mobile: 0793 963 3834


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 new permanent orienteering course at Bashfordsland Wood and Oakfield Glen

DIAMOND Wood Whitehead

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News from Carrickfergus

Alderman May Beattie , Chairperson of the Parks, Countryside & Amenities Sub-Committee launched National Tree Week 2011 in Carrickfergus Borough. Carrickfergus Borough Council has planted 100,000 trees and by the end of this tree planting season will have planted a further 60,000 trees at Whitehead Diamond Jubilee Wood.


Alderman Beattie said “Planting a tree is a very positive thing to do and is great fun, even in the depths of winter. There are plenty of reasons to get planting – it's great exercise, children love it, and you'll be making a valuable contribution to our community woodland. We also have a very special Tree Planting Day at Whitehead Diamond Jubilee Wood on Saturday 25th February 2012. For further information please visit To take part in a tree planting event or for further information contact: Stephen Daye , Parks & Countryside Development Officer at Carrickfergus Borough Council. t: 93358039 or e:”.

tree planting at Blackhead path, Whitehead, 29th November 2011

Tree Planting at Blackhead Path, Whitehead, 29 November 2011.