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 ragdoll  ragdolls  Dollywood Ragdolls and Devon Rex Cats


Patterns: Bicolours, Points, Mitteds & Lynx

Colours: Seal, Blue, Chocolate, Red Series

Icedoll Honeysuckle Rose
- seal lynx bi colour - American/English/Australian lines

Dollywood Evie
- seal tortie bi colour -
Sire: Gr. Ch. Raga Samson
Dam: Ragtail Crystal Bianca
Evie is a beautiful looking girl with a lovely V and a terrific little nature.
Pictured with Tahlia at 11 months and not
too happy about being taken away from the food for a photo!

Dollywood Indiana - Seal pt - magnificent - daughter of Millie and Kiwi Magic Capt. Courageous

Dollywood Blue Sapphire - Blue bi colour - magnificent - daughter of
Icedoll Honeysuckle Rose and Dollywood Kiss the girls.

Dollywood Creme Spirit
Creme pt
Lovely, lovely girl great type and nature.
Sire: Notradame Romeo
Ragtail Crystal Bianca
A result of the red ragdoll programme,
incorporating Dollywoods programme/Notradames programme/Icedoll programmes.
Yes we got there big time!!!
Many outcrossed lines and imported lines.
A little treasure.

Dollywood Ancy