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 ragdoll  ragdolls  Dollywood Ragdolls and Devon Rex Cats


Yes this is where some of our red lines started.

In 1995 it became apparent that red Ragdolls where becoming available in the US. However, at the time I carried out much research on importing a Ragdoll in one of the Red colours, but felt that I couldn't be sure of the history of the cats concerned and along with 2 other Australian breeders submitted proposals to our cat control bodies for permission to introduce the Red gene into the Australian Ragdoll Cat. At this point I must thank Waratah State Cat Alliance for its assistance and allowing this to happen.

Dollywood chose two paths of original outcrosses. For a red Ragdoll to be produced the "O" gene must be introduced into the breed. Our first outcross was a red domestic girl "Dollywood Ready Steady Go" aptly named for the commencement of years of commitment to the programme. A domestic was chosen predominantly for health and vigour and diversity of lines. I had studied a red program in the UK introducing red using a domestic into the Birmans and their outlines have been followed to much degree in this side of the programme.

"Red Cat" as she is affectionately known was mated to our now retired stud" Bangs" a seal bi colour and produced a litter of 5 kittens. Two of these kittens were kept for breeding. A tortie pt (with amazingly blue eyes) Dollywood Teddy and a tortie bi colour and white girl Dollywood Pebby. Thus far Teddy has never graced us with a litter although recently Pebby was mated to a blue mitted boy and has produced 5 kittens two of which become 2nd generation in this line - a Blue creme mitted girl- Dollywood Tinkerbell and a seal tortie-Dollywood Cinderella.

My thanks to Angela Irvine of Ragtail/Icedoll Cattery who sent me the 1st two generation 2 cats used in my program and that through our friendship has enabled us both to expand and ensure that we continue with the lines and outcross to our Ragdolls as much as possible. Ragtail Crystal Bianca was my first a seal tortie bi colour and was mated to a seal pt Ragdoll male and produced both these cats are currently awaiting matings to produce our 4th generation. Bianca has also just recently produced another litter one of which is another true bi colour tortie girl who will be kept between the Dollywood and Ragtail programs.

We are extremely proud of the work that has been done with the Red Ragdolls thus far. It has not been an easy task, studying genetics, keeping and rehoming generation cats but is well worth it. I am very proud to be Australian and to have been part of the original pioneers of these colours in Australia.

It is very gratifying to see how far we have come and how beautiful these cats are, it is also rewarding to know and in some cases still own the grandparents and shortly great grandparents of these cats. I applaud the others involved in these legal outcross programs in Australia, Angela Irvine of Ragtail and Icedoll Ragdolls also Jacqui and David Richardson of Ragajac and Jacorogue Ragdolls, although at times we have not all agreed on everything we have all remained sensible and more importantly at all times interested in the cats welfare and the future of the Ragdoll within Australia.