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 ragdoll  ragdolls  Dollywood Ragdolls and Devon Rex Cats


Mini Me was an absolute bruiser of a Devon, her kittens brought so much fun,
love and naughtiness around us that it is hard to believe that in February of 2003 Mini Me was struck
down by a neighbours car on a drive that is rarely used.
Our thanks to Alison Thompson of Javeron Devon Rex in Qld, whom entrusted us
with Mini Me - pedigree Javeron Gwendolyn Kate.
Mini Me brought us so much love, compassion its just devastating not to have her
around to enlighten our days - she was well known with boarding clients to unexpectantly jump onto
their shoulders for cuddles.
Rest In Peace little girl
May you come back to us one day.

.........This poem was written by my 9 year old daughter "Tahlia" for Me Me........ SUNRISE SUNSET........

Me Me

The sun rises above our heads,
as we awake warm in our beds,
breakfast has come,
and the children hum,
to school we go,
along with the bright summer flow,
recess then lunch,
Then back on the bus we hunch.

Home again for sports and games,
but later moods will have to change,
speeding cars up the drive,
with cats at will to strive.

One cat sets at a run,
and decides to have some fun.
Out with the car, it isn't safe,
but it is her last breathe of air,
she trots across the road,
like a careless toad.

Up comes a car,
at a very fast speed,
she needs some help,
she is in need.

The poor cat does not see nor hear,
the car that is coming, that she should fear.
The car knocks her off the road,
she is no longer alive and a happy toad

She lay there dead,
one eye open,
with the look of shock,
she is no longer alive,
though dead
and the sun has set...............

Tahlia Alsop Feb 2003 to Mini Me - I love you and miss you...........Thanks for being with us......