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 ragdoll  ragdolls  Dollywood Ragdolls and Devon Rex Cats


outside the cattery

A view of the boarding houses.

Boarding Charges:
$12.00 per night for one cat.
$20.00 per night for two.
Enquires for more cats most welcome.
See below on how to contact Cozy Catz Boaring.

In early December 1999, Dollywood opened its boarding facility known as Cozy Catz Boarding. All breeds of cats are welcome for boarding and we can accommodate breeding cats if need be.

Cozy Catz Boarding is located on our property in a loving family enviroment. We are located at Holgate on the New South Wales Central Coast, surrounded by beautiful rural acres.

All runs have solid walls up to 3ft then mesh at top to allow cats privacy from other cats and limit disease. Cats have their own private bedroom shelves allowing them to have privacy when they feel like it. A 6 metre enclosed runexpands the length of each group of 6 boarding areas allowing cats exercise time. All premium foods are fed and special diets can be accommodated.

Cozy Catz Boarding is run by Tracy Alsop who has vast experience both in health issues and in feline behaviour. Her daughter "Tahlia" spends hours playing and brushing the boarding cats. Cozy Catz has a 24hour vet on call.

If you are thinking of boarding your cat consider leaving it with someone who genuinely loves cats and will spend their time giving it the love and care it deserves whilst you enjoy your holiday think about calling Tracy at Cozy Catz.

site of new runs

The photo of the goat in paddock is no. 98 and the outside runs will soon be built for the cats overlooking the paddocks.

Tracy's Office

fax: 02 43 65 2720

email: Cozy Catz Boarding