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 ragdoll  ragdolls  Dollywood Ragdolls and Devon Rex Cats


When I first thought about breeding cats, many moons ago as a little girl, I had all these great fantasies on how cute and wonderful it would all be. Even when I started researching the Ragdolls and then the Devon Rex the fantasies still prevailed.
I would have to say that breeding does bring the highest highs and the lowest lows. Think of every birthday, Christmas, New Years Eve and all public holidays and remember that you will work those days on the most for little or no financial return. Think of planning your favourite day out then not being able to go because you have kittens that you have to hand raise or a mum in labour or a cat that needs medication. Think of people constantly phoning you and turning up on your doorstep - none of them realise that perhaps you haven't slept due to cats, have cleaned cats for 3 hours, been to the vet, got your kids to school etc. Think of spending outrageous amounts of money on phone bills, vet bills, cat food, flea treatments, bedding, catteries...think about having spaghetti again whilst the cats eat premium beef. Think about having to tell someone the kitten they wanted has died. All these things make a breeder, also think about how you view life and death, how you would cope with it and how you do cope with heartbreaking situations, all these things are relevant to being a good breeder.

The following is a list of what I would classify a good breeder:

1. Someone whom has the total capacity of love for their cats, can understand feline behaviour and accept that much of it is just that feline behaviour rather than naughtiness or dirtiness.

2. Someone whom cleans every single day regardless, that treats breeding much like a hospital routine. Can regularly medicate if necessary and doesn't cringe when cleaning up the biggest of litter messes.

3. Someone with enough commonsense to research pedigrees, feline diseases, diets etc.
4. Someone whom doesn't waste their time and energy bitching about other breeders and who gets on with the job.

5. Someone who is honest even under the worst circumstances.

6. Someone that can deal with people (all breeders sell their kittens to the public)

7. Someone that will find out why something happened and use scientific fact and commonsense rather than blaming others

8. Someone whom learns from mistakes or accidents...they will learn everything... Of course this is a short list and I could go on forever but basically what Iím trying to say is having a great love of cats isn't entirely enough to be a breeder.
When I started breeding I had terrible problems with 3 cats i had purchased and was heartbroken to be told they had to go, my vet stated to me and this is so true "Do you want to be a pet owner or a breeder?" I remember that with every major decision I ever have to make. Being a breeder also entails correct housing etc, so please always be realistic, whilst it is lovely to imagine your breeding cats all in the house with you it is not so lovely to imagine or experience the stench of cat urine within your house.

BOTH MALE AND SOME FEMALE ENTIRE CATS SPRAY, don't think that your beautiful female kitten is never capable because believe me she is.
On another note on housing an area with air flowing through with washable surfaces is far more hygienic than your carpet that cannot be bleached, air kills virus's a locked bedroom door with a litter in it with the carpet being vacuumed does not.
Remember your pet people want a healthy/happy/socialised cat not a virus consumed one and believe you me if a pet persons kitten so much as looks the other way you shall hear about it.

So, these are just some of the realities there are so many more. I don't want to be truly negative as I love what I do so obviously there is some great times as well. I still get a big grin when that healthy litter is born, I still get great satisfaction sitting and playing with my breeding cats, I still smile when one runs after a butterfly or lays totally relaxed in the sun, I still love hearing from people years later and knowing that one of my kittens has given someone so much love and they have given it so much in return.

The choice of course is yours, however, please be realistic and sensible.

Virual Breeding


A very interesting site letting you take the curbs deciding what type of a breeder you are - the site was actually created by a dog breeder but applies to any of us that want to breed, what breeding is really like, that shortcuts only leave you very shortcutted and that breeding is definitely not a money making venture.

Just click the link below

+ Virtual Breeding +

This eye opener is owned by Jane M Johnson
breeder of Bluegrace Portuguese Water Dogs, Australia
Thanks Jane for letting us link your wonderful page.