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 ragdoll  ragdolls  Dollywood Ragdolls and Devon Rex Cats


Please do not change your kittens diet and if you must, do it slowly so as not to cause nasty stomach upsets.
Your kitten is used to the following diet and MUST have dry food and water left out at all times. Wet food at breakfast and dinner time is recommended til about 6months old.

Dry Foods
Hills Science Growth Formula (available from vets and pet shops)
Precise Growth (available as above)
Nb: Growth til about 9 months of age then maintenance diet.

Wet Foods
Kidneys (Woolies)
Hearts (Woolies)
Raw Chicken necks/wings (watch the kitten with these and remove portions left-great for teeth and calcium.)
Whiskas/Dine Petit Tin
Don't just stick to one of these foods, give a variety for optimum health.
Clean/Fresh water must be left out at all times.
Strictly NO MILK, however small amounts of grated cheese once weekly is fine.

Your kitten has been bathed at least on one occasion at Dollywood, if you wish to continue this give it about a month for your kitten to settle in before it's bath. Johnsons baby shampoo is great for bathing.

Ragdolls require this about once to twice a month but more often will make their coats glisten and will be and enjoyable between both owner and cat. A wide tooth comb with rotating teeth is good or an ordinary thick bristle brush.