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 ragdoll  ragdolls  Dollywood Ragdolls and Devon Rex Cats


Mini Me
Dollywood is pleased to announce its commencement of breeding the wonderful, in your face and on your shoulder, allergy free Devon Rex.

After my first year of boarding and 5 regular Devon Rex boarders I came to fall in love with these active, overly affectionate and sometimes too intelligent little creatures. For a few years I knew that when I finished the red programme in the Ragdolls I was looking for a short haired breed to work with. I wanted a breed that was a little more active than some of my adult Ragdolls, another breed with a wonderful personality, another breed of considerable affection and a cat to be able to offer to people with allergies (which has been asked on so many occasions).
Anyhow along came my Devon boarders and the internet research began, along with the phone calls, learning etc. Wow what a challenge, learning again about another breed.
I'm not ashamed to say still well and learning and should do for the rest of my natural life, a breeder never learns everything - shame eh!!

I am now the proud owner of Javeron Gwendolyn Kate a chocolate tabby point female and the love of my and my families life. My thanks go out to Alison Thompson of Victoria for her enabling me to get started and for entrusting a breeding girl to me. We have nicknamed this little girl and she is better known as Mini Me or Me Me. Mini Me is a divine natured girl, I cannot describe how much in love I am. She is into everything (including the fridge if its open, the cupboards, the Christmas tree!!) She enjoys nothing more than riding on my shoulder all day, following me around and people company (she does however think the longhaired cats are a bit bizarre and ugly!!) She showers with me (yes hops right in) falls into the bathtub regularly trying to get to us, goes to the toilet when we do. She believes she is a human. Of course she is totally ruined already but I cannot help it. Every morning when I leave to clean the boarding catteries she cries and waits at the door for me - what a gal!!!!!! probably not everyone's idea of what they want in a cat, however, if you want in your face with you 24 hours a day you cannot beat a Devon, just be prepared as they are just a tad more livelier than the Ragdolls, you have to be ready to cope with a little bit of madness and disarray with a Devon around and I personally wouldn't recommend anyone to own one that is not at home or has just one cat, they need people and if they haven't got people all the time they need company - that is a must.

Well after raving and boring you all to tears about Mini Me. I couldn't bear to have to send Mini Me to another cattery for matings so a man has to be found and quick so they can grow together and be the perfect man and wife.

My next girl and boy are yet to be found, ideally a blue colourpt male or lilac pt and a black girl would be my first preference, however, who knows they aren't that easy to come by.
My two now are both blood group A and so I am endeavouring to try and base my stock on that particular blood group.

I have many ideas on what I want to breed in the Devons, personally through my searches I have found that we require more diversity in lines within Australia and a larger gene pool is required. As usual I like to work with cats I know and trust. So that may lead me down another path yet to be researched and worked on - (hey I never get bored!)

This is just a little introduction into my world of Devon's, stay tuned for links to Devon Pages and more updates on new additions - so exciting.


Jedda latest addition
Dollywood has just received another Devon girl a black smoke
typey kitten, from Tasmania.
Here are two photos of my new
girl nicknamed Jedda.
Pictured at 11 weeks and settling in very well,
still requires some more
coat, however, a little character of her own.
Dollywood eagerly awaits the arrival of our new blue bi colour boy in a months time -
Our thanks to Angela Monks of Tassi who has been fantastic.


Welcome our new addition
Maigrey Farm Nick Bigbottom

(better known as Nicky or snoopy) A great addition to our Devons, what a
fine young lad, everything a cat should be and
more - great coat - great head and above all else a nature to die for.
Thankyou again Angela of Maigrey
for another Devon of safe lines, superb temperament and type.

Devon "Peek A boo" he thinks I'm his mum.
He was injured in his eye at about 5 weeks resulting in having one eye removed, however it hasn't slowed him down and his has become a much loved pet here at Dollywood.