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 ragdoll  ragdolls  Dollywood Ragdolls and Devon Rex Cats


Many moons ago in what seems like a galaxy far away I set my sights on breeding pedigree cats. Upon purchasing every American Cat Fancy magazine known to mankind I came across some beautiful looking animals which held my attention time and time again. Upon researching within Australia I came up with the names of 3 breeders here and so began my search for breeding Ragdoll cats.

It was much harder in those days to get hold of good breeding stock and after a year of annoying breeders with constant phone calls I finally received my first girl. The rest is history as Dollywood is now one of the largest and best known Ragdoll catteries within Australia.

We have had to move house to acreage to accommodate this little hobby of mine.

In 1999 "Cozy Catz Boarding" was also opened. The boarding facility takes all breeds of cats and I am so lucky to also get back so many Ragdoll cats that I bred whilst their owners are on holidays.

In 1996 Dollywood submitted a proposal to Waratah State Cat Alliance for acceptance of an outcross program to introduce the colour red into the Ragdolls within Australia. Dollywood as well as 2 other catteries within Australia where the first to pioneer this and very proud and pleased with the results thus far received.

Today Tracy Alsop, owner of Dollywood Ragdolls and Cozy Catz Boarding lives with her husband {a very tolerant - well mostly person} and her two divine well behaved children {well we can dream}.
Her daughter "Tahlia" is a constant help and playmate for the kittens/cats at Dollywood.

Dollywood is located on the beautiful New South Wales Central Coast at Holgate on 2.5 acres. Apart from the beautiful Ragdolls the Alsops are owners of 2 dogs and 2 goats and a heap of wildlife that shares the property including ducks, peacocks, blue tongues lizards and all those nasty spiders and things.

The Alsops welcome their new addition to the family Tubby - a Shetland Pony - Tahlias pride and joy and riding companion. {Picture soon}

Dollywood would like to welcome Georgie a large part stock horse to be put
into foal in September.

Photo of Bonne and Tahlia taken at Mangrove Mountain Interclub day.

We have owned Bonne now for almost two years and started competitive days with her this year - tahlia just loves her and we hope to add another horse in the next 6 months to further Tahlias riding career - we plan to keep Bonne with us. We thank Sonia from Caballo Park Spanish Horses for Bonne and her daughter "Natasha" for entrusting Bonne to us visit their website Caballopark. Bonne is a 16 year old part stock/arab horse whom is a huge part of our lives here.
Bonne loves all the cats and Tahlia and myself spend many hours both training with her and just loving and enjoying her. Tahlia and myself are members of Matcham Valley Pony Club and are now found the first Sunday of every month there.
we also visit interclub days around the Central Coast every second Sunday.

Picture of Sharn our Pyrearen Mountain Dog

Sharn is our 2 year old Pyrearen Mountain Dog whom maintains a constant guard on all living creatures around here.
She is loving, naughty and very protective of her flock which now includes our old dog Ben (currently suffering from cancer) Bonne, our 20 odd resident cats and kittens, boarding cats, humans, ducks and mice.
I can highly recommend the Pyrearean to those with flock to protect as a loving family dog, very trustworthy with children and yet protective enough with enough intelligence to work out whom is a danger. I wouldn't recommend them to residential houses their barking can be very insistant at times especially in the teenage phase. Fantastic dogs so far Sharn has warned us to many foxes, stray dogs, saved the life of two goats we use to own and warned me to people on the property.