Admiral Zarith Astrum

Lords of the Sith Fleet Command

Affiliation: Imperial

Imperial Army Rank: Colonel


Holonet Archives

The Path to Rebellion

It was not long until news of Zarith’s activities reached the ears of Grand Admiral Niall Declann, who quickly applied pressure on CorSec to “release” her from service regardless of her past performance under his command. After a vicious surprise attack by CorSec forces, she quickly abandoned Corellia space and looked for a safe haven to regroup and continue her mission.

After some deliberation, she decided to go back to Tatooine and speak to some of her old fringer contacts to locate a lead to the Rebel Alliance. The word in the alleys and cantinas all pointed to the same thing, that Talon Karrde was the best source of information on the planet. The question was how to convince him of her sincerity?

It was not long after meeting with his lieutenant that she had crossed the thin line of law and began to fly for the fledgling Smuggler’s Alliance. Although she had dealings with several of the crime lords she flew for in the past, it was a constant struggle as her reputation as an Imperial solider preceded her. With each mission the goal seemed closer yet the suspicion regarding her motives became more hostile.

It was not long until Imperial Intelligence learned of her actions in the service to Talon Karrde. A court martial was quickly convened and Zarith was found guilty of treason, stripped of her rank and scheduled for execution. She managed to escape by bribing the guards, and using her acting ability learned as an entertainer she bluffed her way onto a shuttle bound for Corellia.

In an ironic twist, a cantina was the site of her final betrayal. Zarith had always maintained contacts with shipwrights from both sides of the conflict in her constant drive to push her fighters to the performance edge. An old foe she had often faced in combat that was as skilled with the hydrospanner as with a fighter had heard of the “difficulties” she had faced and wanted to arrange a meeting.

As they spoke in low tones at the back of the Coronet cantina, her mind was a sea of conflicting emotions as she listened to his proposal to sponsor her into the Rebel Alliance. He explained that there was evidence available that would show her the truth about the destruction of Alderaan and the lies her service to the Empire had been based.

Torn between her loyalty to the Empire and the desperate need to learn the facts behind her parents’ death she was nearly paralyzed by indecision. Her heart was fighting her Inquisition conditioning and the struggle continued until her love for her parents managed to overcome the block designed to resist interrogation.

As she agreed to meet the contact on Rori and provided her once foe with critical operations data, she could only whisper, “What have I done? I have betrayed my Emperor and comrades in arms, and now I am truly alone once more”. With a smile, he comforted her and reminded that she would now be in a position to ensure that no one had to suffer a loss like the destruction of Alderaan again.

It was a struggle not to pull out her blaster as she approached the previously unknown Rebel encampment on the same planet she had based her operations from. Each footfall, each heartbeat hammered in her ears seemingly counter pointing a march of doom. There was no turning back and within moments she was sworn in as a private in the Alliance army.

The Alliance base commander already had word she was coming and summoned Zarith to his office within minutes of her oath. He made it clear that she was not trusted and that she would have to prove herself. His orders were for her to continue her work with the Smuggler’s Alliance and to maintain the pretense that she was still an Imperial officer as long as possible within her unit since her court martial was not yet common knowledge.

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