Admiral Zarith Astrum

Lords of the Sith Fleet Command

Affiliation: Imperial

Imperial Army Rank: Colonel


Holonet Archives

Origin and Motivation

Zarith Astrum was born in deep space to Bryce and Lila Astrum, moderately successful traders respected for their honesty and fair dealing. As the heir apparent of Astrum Free Traders, it seemed she was destined to someday marry and carry on her family’s business with even the growing rumors of rebellion against the Empire hardly noticed in a mind filled with dreams of travel and love. Not even the half-heard whispered conversations that implied her parents might be more deeply involved than meets the eye could ruin the future she saw for herself.

One day her innocent dreams were shattered forever. While visiting distant relatives on Corellia, the HoloNet exploded into a frenzy of activity…the planet Alderaan had just been destroyed by a terrorist group known as the Rebel Alliance. Horrifying as the destruction of a planet was and with rumors becoming wilder by the moment, she soon received news of an even more shocking nature. The Relevo Astrum, her home for the most of her life had not arrived at its next scheduled starport. Her parents, her home and her innocent dreams were all lost in a terrorist act and the galaxy revealed as a cold, harsh place indeed.

Devastated, Zarith spent the next few months in shock slowly coming to grips with the loss of her parents and her former life. Her relatives, perhaps in an effort to comfort her tried to reveal the “truth” regarding the destruction of Alderaan. Having convinced herself of the evil of the rebellion, she could only listen in disbelief as those she called family defended the very group who were responsible for destroying her life. Her anger grew from the seditious words until she finally stormed out of their house with only the clothes on her back and a few credits that were all that remained of her family fortune.

Zarith drifted on the fringe of society, often dancing in seedy cantinas to make ends meet or to pay off yet another informant. After many false leads and sorting through conflicting information, the picture had finally become clear. Not just satisfied with destroying Alderaan, the Rebellion also destroyed a huge colonization ship the size of a small moon that the Emperor had dispatched to help evacuate the doomed populace.

Her anger required a focus and during her investigations one name is whispered above all others consistently regardless of the version she heard. Now she seeks the pilot who destroyed the evacuation ship and doomed an entire planet to die. She has vowed to do whatever it takes to eliminate this threat from the galaxy.

Darkness holds her soul in chains, for the spirits of her family will not rest until the Rebellion is crushed and Luke Skywalker brought to justice. With this in mind she boarded a transport heading for Mos Eisley to learn more about this killer from the Outer Rim...

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