Admiral Zarith Astrum

Lords of the Sith Fleet Command

Affiliation: Imperial

Imperial Army Rank: Colonel


Holonet Archives

Imperial Inquisition File A23-TX021

Security Classification Delta-Blue
Imperial Personnel File: Zarith Astrum
Supplemental – Eyes Only

My Lord,

The following information has been compiled per your request. This is a supplement to the service record of the Imperial Inquisition member who you expressed an interest. As instructed we are delaying any action against this individual and simply continuing surveillance of activities.

Item One: There is a rumor that the subject is a near-Human (Humanoid Alien) and indeed there is something a little exotic in the way her body is built. Preliminary scans of her DNA have shown possible contamination. It is difficult to tell if this is indeed a lack of purity or random mutations from being born and raised in space.

Observation: This rumor and the fact the subject is female have caused some stumbling blocks within the Imperial forces but her dedication and skill have overcome that. Performance has been exemplary with the exception of her suspicions regarding Endor operations.

Item Two: Interviews with the subject, both conscious and under the question has revealed a longing for the relatively simple life she had before and she looks forward to the day the war is over and she can put down her weapons to rebuild her family business.

Observation: The subject has begun freelance operations as a space miner in her off-duty time using a surplus TIE/Advanced. As investigations have show the ship was paid for from her own funds and she has been using her proceeds to further Imperial operations, this will be allowed to continue. This should allow her to focus more effectively on her duties and should only be curtailed if it begins to distract her.

Item Three: The subject does not realize she has a half-brother who is 15 years older than her. Her brother, who flies for the Rebel Alliance, does not know she is alive and thinks she died in the attack on Alderaan.

Observation: The subject has no conscious memory of this sibling as there was an estrangement between the parents and the elder sibling. Agents are seeking this individual as a possible lever to use against the subject.

Item Four: A "concerned citizen" call resulted in the arrest of the subject’s relatives on Corellia. The interrogation revealed they had been giving aid and comfort to the enemy, routing medical supplies through a now deceased free trader.

Observation: The subject’s family, both close and extended were involved with the Rebellion. The deep interrogation of the subject revealed their potential guilt and arrest was immediate. Although not active combatants, they were involved in smuggling food and medical supplies to worlds under interdiction for seditious activities. During our investigations, a discrepancy was discovered regarding the Relevo Astrum. There is evidence the departure terminal had been sliced and the itinerary modified. The destruction of that ship and/or the criminals manning it cannot be confirmed at this time.

Item Five: The subject’s apparent biological age is approximately 21 years old, with a stated age of 20 years old eight days after the destruction of Alderaan.

Observation: The subject’s interrogations and conscious statements imply a span of time that does not match the apparent activities in the subject’s stated age. Although again inconclusive, the tests on the subject’s imply an aging process much slower than the average human. This may again indicate a heritage that is not entirely human.

Item Six: The subject has been reported on the interdicted planet of Dathomir, making regular runs not related to her duties as an Imperial officer.

Observation: The subject has been reported by our agents on Dathomir as traveling to an unknown location south of the Science Outpost. As all information regarding this region of the planet has been “Sealed to the Emperor”, we cannot provide further data at this time. We will continue sending reports on activities . This may be related to the rumors of a so-called “Jedi Village” that is supposed to exist in that area.

Item Seven: The subject has submitted a proposal to infiltrate the non-aligned squadrons as a pilot as an espionage agent. This will require the resignation of her commission from the Imperial Navy.

Observation: The subject is developing a suspicion regarding the official story regarding the destruction of Alderaan. Subconscious conditioning has been used to reinforce the truth she “learned” so we feel this request can be granted, providing proper surveillance is maintained.

Item Eight: Subject was given the Isard treatment as a standard precaution prior to acceptance as a member of the Inquisition.

Observation: The Isard treatment allows the implantation of a pseudo-personality. The subject has been implanted with a personality that will force her to learn the truth regarding her parent’s death and then we shall restore the original personality once we are ready to collect the intelligence she will provide without her knowledge. If the subject survives the re-integration process she should prove to be an unbreakable Imperial to the core.

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