Admiral Zarith Astrum

Lords of the Sith Fleet Command

Affiliation: Imperial

Imperial Army Rank: Colonel


Holonet Archives

The Death Star Project

One of Zarith’s primary goals has been to learn more about the events that lead to her parents death when Alderaan was destroyed. Due to her activities on Yavin IV, Zarith is starting to wonder if the stories she heard about Alderaan were true. The words Death Star have been used to describe a weapon destroyed in Yavin IV space and she has heard conflicting stories of its role in the destruction of Alderaan.

This has also brought back memories of the words of her family on Corellia. She attempted to locate them but no one has been willing to talk about where they might have gone. With a confused heart she reluctantly gave up that line of investigation.

Her investigations lead her to go undercover and work with the smugglers and contractors working salvage operations on Yavin IV. The keen interest by seemingly all major factions in the galaxy was surprising to say the least. The rumors spoke of a super weapon that had a capability far beyond any weapon ever seen. After convincing the Hutt pirate to turn his “findings” to the Empire, she then decided to dig deeper within the Empire itself.

Almost as if fate was helping her, Zarith received a summons to the Imperial Retreat and was given a special mission by the Grand Inquisitor. Concerned with irregularities with Imperial operations in the Yavin and Endor systems, she was instructed to join Storm Squadron. Based on intelligence gathered while flying with the three major Imperial Squadrons and half spoken rumors from her superiors, Zarith has learned of a massive project in the Endor system that may be related to the Death Star project. She has begun preliminary investigations on Endor but thus far the results have been inconclusive.

Now that her report on irregularities in the Imperial Navy command structure is complete, she intents to propose to the Grand Inquisitor a plan to infiltrate the neutral aligned squadrons to find out their involvement with the Death Star project and their operations in Endor. Zarith hopes that she will be able to find an answer to help lay her soul at rest.

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