Admiral Zarith Astrum

Lords of the Sith Fleet Command

Affiliation: Imperial

Imperial Army Rank: Colonel


Holonet Archives

Lords of the Sith Fleet Command

Zarith has spent a great deal of time and effort building the space arm of her unit. Her goal is to bring all assault craft and fighters under one unified command. Key among these tasks has been the creation of Darkstar Squadron (detailed below).

She has been working towards gathering the resources to provide an upgrade to all unit assault craft based on intelligence that Imperial Research and Development is preparing to provide upgraded equipment blueprints for all major ship components.

The vision is to supplement the fast attack capability of Darkstar Squadron with a minimum of one strike cruiser and two escort crafts. As an experiment in unconventional warfare, she intends to retrofit a Y-8 mining ship into a combat capable warship. Combined with a minimum of two V-49 Decimator escorts, this should prove to be a force that can sweep a sector clear of enemy forces with little difficultly.

Once Imperial R&D provides the upgrade schematics, she will be working hard to train individual captains and crew and develop improved ship to ship tactics in preparation for an assault on Rebel forces gathering in deep space.

Darkstar Squadron

A project that has become a key part of Zarith’s plans for the Lords of the Sith has been the formation of the 178th Imperial Pursuit Squadron (Darkstar Squadron). Primarily an interceptor and strike fighter unit, it currently has a roster of 16 active and inactive ace pilots.

This is to be the fast attack arm of the combined LoS Fleet. Consisting of both Imperial and Imperial-aligned pilots, it provides both long range and close combat capability in a battle tested and lethal package.

Zarith intends to open membership to the Empire at large to improve combat capability. As a semi-independent unit it shall fulfill both the needs of LoS and the Empire. This capability is designed to counter the Rebel squadron known as Firestorm, which has proven itself a dangerous and well equipped foe.

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