Interesting Emails

This page holds some interesting lists that I obtained through emails and internet surfing
In some cases, I'm clearly plagiarizing but I can't paraphrase without the corniness being ruined. So, unless there is a problem please just read... I do not want any trouble.

How to be a Cool Asian

You know you are Asian if...

Daddy's Ten Rules of Dating

Smart Math

True Friends


A poem for Us (women)

30 Ways to have fun in a market...

26 Things a Perfect Guy Would Do

Comeback to those cheesy lines some guys use

English Literature Assignment

What Kind Of Asian Are You?

What Men Are Like

Things That Piss Me Off

The Meaning of Friendship

Vocabulary Words in Dating

Words Women Use

Chinese Job Interview

Two tough questions

Asian Stereotypes

Questions Guaranteed to Offend


A Tribute to Columbine High - actually pretty emotional

Invaluableness of Friends - very touching

The Benefits of Sex

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