Asian Stereotypes


*Koreans *

You eat and smell like Kim Chee.

You or one of your family members eat Dog.

One of your relatives owns a Liquor Store.

Your last name is either Kim, Park, Lee, Kang, Choi or Yoon.

You have a bad temper.

If you`re a female, you have or want eye surgery to make your eyelids double.

If you`re a female, you are materialistic and own at least one item that is either Gucci, or Prada.

You are Japanese wannabes and you stole their style.

DDR (Korean Version) is your life.

Korea cheated during the World Cup.


* Chinese *

You`re cheap and ridiculously tight with your money.

Your parents speak to you in Chinese and speak English with an accent if they speak it at all.

Your skin is oily and have a bad history of acne, or pimples because of the greesy food you eat.

You`re a terrible driver.

You have the furniture in your house in funky, illogical places because your mom is superstitious.

Your kitchen smells like sesame oil and your bedroom smells like tiger balm

You or a relative of yours works in a sweat shop.

You know Kung Fu.

You hate Japanese people.

Yao Ming is your favorite basketball player.



* Japanese *

You drive a Honda, Toyota, Acura, or Lexus.

You`ve retained little or none of your Japanese culture.

You are either 3rd, 4th, or even 5th generation.

You eat raw fish and seaweed.

You`re a pervert (males AND females).

Your very good at games such as Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter.

DDR is your life.

If you`re a Japanese male from Japan you have bleached reddish brown hair, and plucked, feminine looking eyebrows.

If you`re a Japanese female from Japan you have bleached hair, and wear powder blue eye shadow.

You are shallow like Koreans, wanting double eyelids.

You hate Chinese people.



* Filipinos *

You believe that you`re the "blacks of the Asian race" and for some reason you`re proud of that.

You call yourself Flips, even though the true meaning is degrating just like how black people use the "N" word.

If you`re female, not only are you sexually promiscuous, but if someone just brushes up against you, you`ll get pregnant.

You are Catholic.

You are often mistaken for being Hispanic, including by other Asians.


* Vietnamese *


You were not born here, or if you were, then for sure your parents are from Vietnam.

You have at least once in your life, tried to pass yourself off as "being technically Chinese, but you were born in Vietnam".

You or someone you know has the name Truong, Phuong, Tran, Trinh, or Nguyen.

You have a big nose.

You are very good at Tien Len, or 13 for those who aren't Viet.

You eat at Pho restaurants, smoke while squatting and then play pool.

You or a relative of yours works in a sweatshop.

Vietnamese are skinny...according to some people.

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