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Outside | The Playboy

Hi! Just thought I had to open a parenthesis here. So, why is Youji a big hot shot playboy? Don't ask me. I don't certainly get it. At first, I used to think Aya was better looking (and, funny thing, I still do). But, some how, Youji just happened to reveal himself to be very alluring. And he is not very discreet at it, not at all. In fact, he pretty much brags about how women can't resist him (if you count out Manx, of course...). Worst: I don't find that the least bit irritating. Maybe it is all in his attitude. Maybe I just went out of my mind *_* Maybe I better get on with the pictures.

original: colour; 400x625 pixels; 49 kb

characteristics: no usual blueish line in this picture

He baths with sun glasses and while he is smoking... Strange habits.
original: colour; 162x470 pixels ; 50 kb

characteristics: --

I found it ood at first. But I've grown attached to this picture. A LOT!!
original: colour; 472x697 pixels ; manga;48 kb

characteristics: --

Sitting, looking at...
original: colour; 491x290 pixels; 123 kb

characteristics: youji is alone

-_- ??
original: colour; 253x249 pixels; manga; 17 kb

characteristics: --

Pimping, part 1


... I think she's going to fall for it.
original: colour; anime screen capture; 35 kb each aprox.

from: Melody's Weiß Kreuz Shrine

characteristics: --

He is about to awake...

,,, and he has awaken!! *faint*

The crown jewel of my little collection.
original: colour; anime screen capture

from: Melody's Weiß Kreuz Shrine and Jacque's wasted space

characteristics: the last picture was taken down from its original site.

All over 18, I guess.
original: colour; 360x236 pixels; anime screen capture; 36 kb

from: Melody's Weiß Kreuz Shrine


This would be the square where I would put that one where Youji is in bed with two women.
But... I won't do that @_@...

+ other items +
The sketch of his bedroom--