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Inside | Being a Pisces


It is said that people under this sign are very imaginative and might look slippery and vague, for they always go with the flow.
Social status and fortune don't appeal to him. If somebody annoys him, he can get irritated, but he will soon get to normal, like the surface of a lake stays the same, even after you throw a stone at it. He likes dreams, and, if something gets too messy and negative, he runs away to his sweet and unreachable illusions. The Pisces should stay away from alcohol. He thinks he will live forever, and thus spends his energies sometimes way to much. He uses humor like a weapon, a mask. He has a tendency to let himself go with the flow, but only going upstream can give him some meaning to live.


Pisces glyph

Neptune glyph

Feminne glyph

  19 February to 20 Mars
  Rules over the feet. Neptune is their Planet.
  Represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, normally connected by a type of string.
  Metal: Tin. Stone: Pearl, Amethyst, Beryl, Aquamarine
  Positive side: sensibility, idealism, tolerance, purity, inspiration, imagination.
  Negative side: passivity, laziness, alcoholism, perverse sensuality, espionage, fraud.
  Animals: sea serpent; fish; cat: sea birds; seal; dolphin
  Objects: music instruments, tobacco, drugs, alcohol, medicinal plants, fishing material, boats.
  Places: Sea, docks, rivers, lakes, wells, fountains, swimming pools, jacuzzis, saunas, boats, misty places.
  Cities: Sevilla, Alexandria, Rio de Janeiro, Lancaster. Countries: Malta, Normandy, Portugal, Ceylon, Netherlands.
  Element: Water. Colour: sea green.
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