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The things that symbolize Youji Kudou.

The glasses are a basic trademark. When indoors, Youji usually wears them at the top of his head. He has many different models, but the most common is the pair that hangs between his nose and his eyes.




This is really not cigarette advertising.

Youji also smokes. A lot. In fact, it's hard to catch him without a cigarette next to him. He really should have his own brand… or, just quit smoking.
The weapon.

This, is definitely one of the most original weapons I've seen. For those who don't know, there is a wire hidden in this watch, that Youji uses to cut of a few jugulars. He also, sometimes, for some reason, chews on it (kind of reminds me of Farfarello)
Right arm tattoo. He doens't have another - not that I know...

It reads "Sin - When Are You Ganna Learn". The tattoo is perhaps one of the most significant and mystifying aspects of Youji. Basically, it shows us that Youji's personality and intimacy is far more complex than he makes us believe.
This is a top. And that tickles.

Tank Tops. Why?
Killer Suit.

His trench coat. Explain: does it make sense to have a group called "Weiss Kreuz", that's supposed to be secret, and then walk around with a White Cross in your arm? It doesn't to me.

Other distinctive characteristics:

Sleepy look

Car <no available pictures.>

Right Ear Earing