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Personal data and how to identify Youji in both Manga and Anime

Being a Pisces
About his zodiac sign

What people say about him
Positive and Negative comments surrounding Youji

Farther Analysis
Analyzing Youji's Name, his Paraphernalia, and his Quotes

The Inside of Youji Kudou

Youji Kudou is a playboy that works on a flower shop and spends is time dozing of, and hitting on girls over 18. Youji Kudou is also a killer, codenamed Balinese. He works for an organization known as Kritiker, that has the naf objective of reaching where the arm of the Law couldn't reach.
Kudou won three new acquaintances, that one could call friends, who share both of Youji's jobs. Youji also lost his beloved in an unfortunate and stupid accident.
Youji can be carefree, outgoing, joyful, and teasing; he can also get sad, depressed, and deadly.