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The sites marked with this symbol [mimizuku . . . .] were made by me.

Youji Kudou's Links

Velvet Underwear - A highly recognized site, with Yohji all over!

Black Angel - A shrine filled with information, from anything you can think that is Youji-related.

Yotan no Sekai - More Youji points of view. Appealing essays about the character. Some yaoi contents.

Yohji's Shrine - Be careful... the webmistress of this site says Youji is hers. She even has the certificates to prove it...

Angel Black - A good looking layout for a good looking character. The contents are also very interesting.

Twisted Homunculus - A site about Weiss, Yohji... and Schuldich. This site has yaoi contents. Consider yourself warned.

-A cute nice site all about Yo-tan.

Weiss Kreuz Links

vengeance of weiss - Original name; interesting contents. Dedicated to Weiß.

Black and Crimson Roses of Weiß Kreuz - About Weiss Kreuz, in general

Jacque's wasted space - A link of support for this particular site…

Pawns of Power - Site with great fanfi

Temperamental Leader - a site about Ran. mimizuku . . . .

Hidaka Ken Red Hot Headed Site - This site is also one of mine. About Ken Hidaka

- Another site made by me. Centered in Weiss Kreuz in general. mimizuku . . . .

- Newst site made by me. "Last Chaos": the Schwarz site. With history, characters, computer stuff, general info and much more. mimizuku . . . .

Aya no Weiß Kreuz Corner - a must site.

Blood Stained business suit - A Crawford site, and a pretty good introduction to Shwarz in general. A few yaoi content.

Presumed Guilty Schuldig . Shwarz - a site Youji would not like to see here that much... mimizuku . . . .

Your Links

Free-For-All Links
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