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Other Updates:

25 of September, 2001
Added new links at the "Links" page.

Until 9 of September, 2001
Several negatives and positives added to the "Talk" page.

1 of June, 2001
New Link in the "Quotes" Page.

6 of May, 2001
Revamping of the "ID" Page.

11 of August, 2002
New negative in the Talk page.

10 of Jully, 2002
New positive in the Talk page.

3 of Jully, 2002
Added new positive to the Talk page.

-- of Mars, 2002
Corrected some English mistakes (@_@)
Corrected some html mistakes (¬¬)
Reorganized the Talk page: the newest entries are now at the top.
Renewed the polls over here.

2 of February, 2002
Another positive.

20 of January, 2002
On positive added, over here.

3 of January, 2002
Added one positive, and one negative (at least, I think it's negative), in the Talk page.

- . - . - . - ¡NEW Layout! - . -. -. -
October 2001

Updates and Changes introduced
with the layout revamping:

New "Comments" Page, for comments from the webmistress, and visitors.

New poll at the "Comments" page.

More data at "Being a Pisces".

New Flash at the "Quotes" page.

New Flash at the "first page".

New images at the "The Playboy", "SD Album" and "The Working Man" pages.

"Unification" of the "Links" page.

New Links at the "Links" page.

Possibility for the visitor to automatically leave his/hers URL at the "Links" page.