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[NEW] Alright, so yohji likes to sleep around, a lot.
Let me start out by saying, who cares? It's a part of his character. Ken likes soccer, omi likes computers, aya likes brooding, and yohji likes sex. What's the big deal? It's not like he's terrorizing all these poor, defenseless little girls. He has the consent of
every woman he sleeps with, so why is that so wrong? Don't tell me that he's breaking their hearts with one night stands, because a girl should not be expecting a lasting relationship if she sleeps around on the first date anyway.
In response to the "sin" argument, you might want to think that one through a bit more. Youji engages in premarital sex, therefore is a sinner, thus he is deserving of hatred? You could use the same exact argument for almost any character in the show. Weiss is an assassin group, they all kill for money, killing goes against the ten commandments, therefore they are
all sinners and should deserve our hatred.
In regards to the Asuska issue, I will admit that it's getting a bit old. However, this occurs with many other issues in the series as well. For example, Aya's obsession with takatori and his sister grew old real fast.
And to the people complaining about Yohji's "fruity" outfits and corny pickup lines....have you ever seen omi dress? Battle shorts anyone? And what about aya's hideous orange sweater?
Corniness, now that's a common occurrence in the series as well. Face it, Weiss Kreuz is not a quality show. We don't love it for the in depth plots, or the intriguing symbolism, we love it for the characters and the amusement value.
And I'm sick of the arguments over who's hotter, get real people. Everyone has different tastes, one cannot scientifically prove who is the sexiest character, or what's the superior ice cream flavor, or what's the most enjoyable novel.
I'm not saying that everyone should like Yohji, that would be ridiculous. But hating him for such juvenile reasons bothers me.
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[NEW] He's sweet (well, tries to be) and sexy, what more could you ask for?
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[NEW] It took me a long time to decide if I should or should not write a pro on Yohji, and well, guess, I'm doing it.
Even if this discussion is furtil, I want to stand up for Yohji.
I don't whatsoever want to convert all the Yohji-Haters in the world, it wouldn't work any way. If they say, Yohji's a slut ... hey ... they are right, he is, and where's the point. He's old enough to do whatever he wants. Is there a bit of envy in their statements?
If you look closely at wise, he's the only one going og with his life, actually living it instead of just lamenting all the time. And yes I'm speaking of Aya. I can't understand that guy. Where is his problem, Ok, that was needless to say, we all know his problem. His sister is in coma, so what, he didn't have to see her die and then, after all the emotional wounds have almost heald kill her again. Well srew it.
And Ken, look at him, his best friend betrayed him. Happens, he isn't the only one betrayed and he won't be the last. Even Omi (or especially Omi) is doing a better job with comprehanding his past (although it only comes back to him slowly) I don't see him dwelling in selfpitty ... And it is certanly a reason to say 'Fuck you all' when your father refuses to pay the ransom or you.
But back to Yohji. I think he's doing a fine job going on living. He's witty and he actually has fun, as paradox as that may sound for an assassin. Not in killing, but in living. He's got his priorities straight. Earning Money to life ... aren't we all prostitutin ourrselves for a better living-standart. And although he works for Kritiker, he's not their puppet, like Aya, he refuses missions if he's not interessted, well if that isn't back-bone, I don't know.
Back to the 'slut'-thing. I don't think Yohji is a bad lover, or did you encounter any evidence that he is. I didn't see any girls or women, or men storming the shop complaining that Yohji fucked and droped them. I guess he makes it quite clear, that it will be a one-night-stand, but one worth while. I wouldn't turn that offer down. And he can, we all saw it, be very charming ... kind of mysterious lover who shows you how it's supposed to be.
I personlay envy everyone of his bedpartners, even though I don't like men that much. (I rather like women, they are soft and sweet ... ^_^) This brings me back to the envy point ... I stronly think that everyone out there would like to have a nigfht of a lifetime, and Yohji,, is definately one who can garuantee that. What else. He is, I think, a very good listener. His peopleskills surpass those of the others by miles. Well, Aya dosen't have any, this cool bastard.
But before you think I can't stand Aya, I have to say, it's not like that. Aya could be cute. Well he is gorgeaus, but his attitude repells me. Woh can one be soo stucked up over something like that.
My Father is slowly dying of cancer and it didn't stop me (or him by the way) to live. My Mum isn't better off, and still they enjoy their remaining time. Why can't Aya see, that stopping living won't bring his sis back?
I don't think she would aprove his behaviour. Lighten up Aya, It could be wose, nothing is as bad as it couldn't be
My finishing counsel's speech: All of them have their problems and moste of them 4 (8) only pretend living and wallow in their oh so tragic life. They should learn to cope with reality and the only ones doing a good job are Omi and Yohji. But Yohji is a man, and it is never easy to cope with new turns of fate when you are older, so I really admire him for haveing the strengh and courage to take on life, with all it's harsh sides.
I do try to make the best of the hand fortune deals and everyone should do so too. Life goes one, if you cooperate or not, so keep on walking, if you fall, stand up and proceede on your way. Yohji is the best example for a fighter-type.
So then ... try to keep that in mind. Life sucks, try to suck better ^_^
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[NEW] "There is no real proof that Yoji is a whore. I'm sure he slept with a few women, but I highly doubt he goes out constantly to find a new bedmate; the series only showed how much of a flirt he is. And like what many other people mentioned, Yoji's dates are probably his way to escape from his reality. And even if he is screwing around, how can anyone just call him a whore/player/slut when they haven't gone through the pain he had, as a former-detective and assassin? No fan can truly understand how important Asuka was to him; she could have been his best friend since childhood, for all we know! And by the way, to those who mentioned Ken and Yuriko's relationship: the only person who said "I love you" was Yuriko only because she was willing to say anything so Ken would agree to fly to Australia with her. And how long was their so-called relationship? Three, four days? Whoever said that Ken was truly "in-love" with Yuriko (blech! gag!) must be sorely mistaken. Ken said so himself that he was willing to go to Australia only because he wanted to make her dreams come true. At the time, he had just discovered that his dreams were ruined by his best friend; you would think that his mind wasn't quite stable yet. Sorry for getting off-topic. The point is that no one can judge how big a "whore" Yoji is without getting all the facts; that's called ignorance. And from what anybody can see, Yoji is just a man, suffering from the loss of the one person he ever truly cared about."
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i guess i could start babbling about why i like youji. (and some of this probably won't make any sense.) first of all i have to admit that most of my knowledge comes from fanfics. i've only seen the fist 5 episodes of the anime, and that's all. at first i didn't like youji. well, it wasn't that i didn't like him really, i just didn't focus on him. i liked ran. but after reading a few more, okay alot more, fanfics i fell in love with youji. i think the main reason is because youji seems more alive to me than most of the other weiss boys, omi was raised an assain so i don't think he really knows how to live, and ken i don't know, next to youji i think he's the next and ran...well, don't get me started on him. youji seems more normal than the others, or as normal as normal can be when your an assain and all that stuffs. and i have to agree with what many people on the positive list said, all the women and "vices" (i suppose) are just his way of dealing with the pain he's been through. alot of people use those exact same things, i know from personal experience, my aunt did it. it's not good but it happens. it can't be a nice thing to have the women you love killed, and not be able to do anything about it. and then you become a killer (in a way, i'm all for the light thing but matter your reasons death is still death. but that's a completely different rant). that has really got to shake your world up, and change the way you think about life and you have to give youji credit where it's due, that is a very clever mask he has. most people don't look past happiness. they take it at face value. if you look, sound, act happy you must be happy right? not always. also, he's upfront about what he's after. he's not like some guys that will lead you on, and he doesn't lie to the women (or males, if you're like me and a yaoi fan) i personally think that youji is trying to run from his demons. unfortunatly for him demons have a bad habit of keeping up with you. i think youji is alot deeper than people give him credit for. i've read many fics where he's just a slut that wants to get laid, drunk, or both at the same time. and at first that didn't bother me, but now it does...there are always reasons behind every action, and to be an assain there has to be more to youji than that, otherwise he wouldn't be so good at what he does. his ability to laugh, and make jokes, to have a life outside of weiss makes him (to me, and you can disagree i won't mind ^_^) the most adjusted to what he does. that doesn't mean he likes, or enjoys it, it just means that he sees what he has to do and he does it. it's a job, and while alot of it started because of asuka (i'm not going to talk about neu b/c i don't know anything about her and i don't want to look like more of an idiot) i think youji is too realistic to harbor the ideals of "hunting the tomorrow of the dark beasts" (or whatever it is he says) he does what he has to and he moves on. i'm not saying that kiling doesn't bother him, he's too much of a person for it not too. i just think that he sees what he does and he copes. and if the way he copes is to "put on a happy face" and find a nice willing women, cig, and drink to soothe him then more power to him. i know that i could never do anything like the weiss boys, and i would never want too. i think it takes a very special person to do that. a realistic dreamer in a sense.
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Alright, to explain my perception of Youji-kun will take a bit of background. I was introduced to the WK scene through fanfics - in particular, a crossover starring Aya and another anime character. I became enamored with Weiss and went rummaging frantically for fics, through which I learned most of what I know about the series. At first, due to the nature of what I looked for, Aya was my favorite - but then I got to
know Youji-kun through the minds of fangirls (particularly the ones who like to write yaoi...) and though he's not my fave chara from the entire show
(Schu is - heh heh, he's awesome. then Farfie. THEN Youji-kun.) he is my favorite Weiss. He may be a playboy, but what guy isn't? At least he's honest about being interested in a woman. He may fantasize about her naked - but then he'll hit on her. Youji
tries to make what he thinks he wants real, because he can't have what he really wants - Asuka. Denial and
reverse emotionality are bad for a Pisces. I know. I am one. When we suffer, we crush it behind a mask and
act the exact opposite of how we feel, just to confuse people - and, more importantly, to make sure we don't
get hurt again. Occasionally there's even more than one mask, making a Pisces perticularly susceptible to
schitzophrenia. Youji-kun's way of dealing with his lost love is to drown the love with lust and passion with other women. It's a bad way of denial, but hey, nobody's perfect. I say Youji is the most realistically reactionary of the Weiss kittens. That, and he's completely, utterly beautiful. He smokes, yes - so? It's not like it's any more dangerous than his profession. He drinks - so? A lot of people do, and as long as he's not doing it to the point of danger, anyone bitching at him for it is thoroughly hypocritical. Everyone has their bad habits - and his are pretty damned tame. Womanizing - and he won't lie to them or treat them bad, they're aware that he won't have a lasting relationship - (And here's a tangent for you! He's not a manslut. He needs physical
contact, and I bet my ass that he would settle down with someone - oh, wait. He's an assassin. Anyone who
got with him would most likely get KILLED. And Youji is a loving, smart guy and wouldn't want to let anyone
he truly loved hurt. So ha! He's not just in it for the sex. It's not his fault that his profession is too dangerous for a real relationship.), smoking - oh
yeah, real dangerous, soooo much more dangerous than KILLING people for money - , drinking - and this is a
problem because... He's not dumb enough to let booze take over his life. Kritiker already OWNS his life. So
the whole thing, really, is all rationally acceptable and completely realistic. And besides, if you were sent on missions to murder people in cold blood, I bet you'd take a nice getting-drunk afterwards to forget.
Personally, I'm of the opinion that Youji-kun even smokes marijuana (he strikes me as the cool type of stoner). Besides. I like his clothes. Very few men can wear what he wears and get away with not looking like an utter fag (which isn't really a bad thing), much
less being unutterably HOT while wearing it.
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Okee.. let me start with the superficial, and work my way to the more profound inner workings of Yohji's heart:
First: When I first saw Weiss (first ep, by the way) YES, Aya was my fave. I thought he was best looking. Then he spoke. Wouldn't you know it HAD to be "IF YOU WON'T BUY SOMETHING, then LEAVE!!!" From then on, it was yohji.
nd yes he DOES wear underwear... Maki criticized him for writing his name in them.^^;
The only line of Yohji's I'd dub as "cheezy" would be "You have a nice body.. how about working it out with me?" which was only said to cover up a slipped whisper of "bodyguards..." He may not be a superhunk, but he presents himself well. Confidence, posture, he's got it. It's the way he carries himself, and the way he says things that makes one beleive him. You can't help it.
And no, he can't get any girl he wants... ie Manx. Doesn't stop him though. Another plus: persistence. If Yohji were to hit on me (yes I qualify past the age thing... yohji's NOT a pedophile) I'd probably disbelieve him at first.. but he has a way of worming his way into your heart. Everyone likes to feel attractive and loved... Yohji's got a knack for that.
Which indirectly brings me to the whole pisces vs Cancer thing. I happen to BE a cancer, a la Aya... cancers just sit there and stew, then blow up. That's not everyone's approach.. expecially not pices Yohji... He's trying to bury his heartbreak and solve the problem at the same time: To quote benvolio: "Strike a new infection in thine eye, and the poison of the old will die" (my apologies if I got this or any other quote wrong, but you get the idea)
To put it bluntly: fall in love with someone else, and you'll fall OUT of love with the old one... the trick is finding that someone else. Hence the pick up lines and the girlfriends.
But this isn't a Yohji / Aya debate: It's a Yohji shrine.
Okee... the smoking thing... I get the impression that that was an addiction started after the passing of the love of his life. HE alwasy lights up when he's feeling down. So if that's the case, he SHOULD quit once he's found a NEW love of his life. If not then well, nobody's perfect.
Here's a few lines from the musical "rent" that remind me of Yohji":
"Now I'd die for one more day, cuz there's something I should've told you. There's something I should've told you. You can see it in my eyes."
No I DON'T Think he ever told Asuka how he felt. Whether or not HE even realized it is beyond me. But he's kicking himself for not telling her, just the same.
But I'm probably the wrong person to ask, playing Yohji on an RP.
(Oh and by the way, the funny symbol is a happy face with it's tongue sticking out)
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Hey, what's up with all the bashing on Youji-chan? Look, I'm a Aya fan too (for that one LONG RANT), but Youji's got his perks too. He is sexy and nice. He treats women like they're queens-goddesses even-and doesn't do anything against them that they don't want (can't say that for Braddy though). He has gone through a lot, like losing his partner and then killing Neu. All I have to say is that don't judge a book by it's cover. He may look slutty and act like a pimp, but he really isn't. Go chew on that for a while. ^_^
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First off... Yohji is one of the most beautiful looking anime characters (Man or Woman) I have seen in a while. When you look at him, you melt. (At least I do) About the player thing, my best friend is a bit of a player, he's a guy, and Never once has he talked bad, or said that he was using the women he has been with. (I am a female, by the way, and if he ever did say anything bad about a lady, I wouldn't be best friends with him!) He, like Yohji, respect women and the fact that they can create so much in this world, such as life. I think Yohji respects his women, and cares on their behalf. Its not like he has a disease or anything. Plus, people, He's an anime character. Please don't forget that! I really like Aya, Omi and Ken also! I think Aya is incredibly sexy. But, I would choose Yohji over him because of character. I don't mind his ego, I like a guy who is sure of himself. Plus, he is a very skilled and awesome fighter. His fashion is his fashion. I enjoy the fact that you can see someone with something DIFFERENT on besides normal T-shirts and jeans. Come on, he has is own unique style, and I praise the man for it!
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First and foremost, all those who wish to appelate Yohji Kudou a whore, slut, and similar unflattering titles really haven't given a lot of thought to what he provides for Weiss Kreuz. Consider: Omi. A wide-eyed, virginal bishonen. Ken. The kind of guy you bring home to Mother. Aya. The ice man. As much as I love these three characters (and I do), I feel that these three models of chastity alone would not a series make. Enter Yohji. Pure sex. But not without plot, substance, depth, and variety. The assassins of Weiss all became the people they are because of who and what they have lost. Omi: his family, his memories. Ken: his best friend, his career. Aya: his parents, with a sister in limbo. The undeniable fact of the matter is that Yohji DID lose someone he loved, just like everyone else in Weiss. Depending on how you look at it, he lost her twice. Either way, the loss has without doubt left his mark upon him. Like him or not, Yohji is a brilliantly conceived character. I see him as a complete inversion of Ran. Instead of becoming hard and unapproachable, he's made himself a super-extrovert. Yet this is an obvious facade for the pain he carries inside of him (think of the tatoo). He hates himself for what happened to Asuka, so he drinks, smokes, and screws himself into oblivion. He wakes up the next morning, and he still hates himself, but he pulls on a crop top and make jokes until the sun sets and he can do it all over again. Now that's tragedy. I don't think anyone else in the series abuses themselves that way, with the obvious exemption of Farfarello, and that's a whole other e-mail. The creators of Weiss have showed us the many faces of personal tragedy, and the different ways that people deal (or don't deal) with their problems. Like it or not, there are real people who respond to pain in the same way Yohji has. They deserve love and sympathy, not obnoxious criticism. Furthermore, regardless whether what Yohji does in his free time is moral and healthy or not, at least he's not hurting anyone with his drinking, smoking and screwing. He's only hurting himself. I personally believe he does these things because no drag is ever long enough, no glass deep enough, no girl enough to give him back his true love. Some people think he flirts just to get some. Either way, SO WHAT? What Yohji's doing is consensual, and it can only be assumed, mutually pleasurable, or he wouldn't get so many dates. Sex is just two adults amusing themselves; Yohji momentarily finding a diversion before diving deeper into his secret depression. What he does is no more "cruel" than the way Ran treated Sakura-chan when she told him she loved him. I can deal with a flirt much better than a guy who's gonna be THAT cold while I pour out my heart and soul. But am I judging Ran? No. His coldness is merely a product of his pain, that way Yohji's debauchery is a product of his. And I do love Ran. Almost as much as I love Yohji ^_^
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I like Yoji because he’s a complete character, in my view. 1) Yohji has this problem with giving up something he loves/wants to believe in. He wants to trust and believe people - as we saw with Neu. Even though she’d nearly kicked his ass, he took her home with him because he believed in her as Asuka. He keeps making mistakes twice. 2) Yoji is a clown. My impression is that his ‘cheesy’ pick up lines, incessant flirting, and amazing boasts are all a part of his humour. He seems to say and do things that will get a reaction - usually a laugh or a smile, not really to get anywhere. Even Manx will occasionally smirk at him. I know his antics amuse me. He jibes with the boys as often as the girls, and most of the humour is focused on his libido. After all, he is male and appears to be a playboy. (I make no allusions to his sex life. I only know the series and the two manga books, in which - collectively - he was with four/five women. Asuka/Neu(/?)Kyoko, Maki, and the blonde with the ice cream.) Omi, who seems pretty stressed on missions, and Ken, who gets insanely serious, both seem to relax and lighten up a bit when Yoji makes a jibe on duty. Even Aya seems to mentally roll his eyes, but calm down a touch. They work in a life and death business, if Yoji spent his time being serious it would be one less rope holding their fragile leaves in the light. Or in this case: wire.
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Not all people act the same way when they loose somebody important to them. Some hide themselves (I think this is the case with Aya/ Ran, that tends to be discreet his own pain), some try to forget, some try to get over it, some try to "pretend" there're over it. I think that last option is what happens to Youji. His over-blatant over-dating activities seem like a way to hide what really goes inside that head. I think one can't deny that this is a character that suffers. A lot. Even if one could think that he has no reason to suffer that much. And this is one of the curiosities I found about his character, and, in fact, about most of the other characters in Weiss: they seem to act a lot accordingly to their zodiac sign. Specially Youji, and, go figure, specially Ran, too. A hurt Pisces (that's Youji) tends to hide their pain from everybody else, and lives in his own personal fantasy world. In Youji's case, in a fantasy world where no woman escapes from him (when this is not true: Asuka escaped him, in death; Manx has no trouble resisting him, too), and where an enemy (Neu) can very well be his lost love. Youji wouldn't let go of his fantasy of Neu being Asuka, and ended up getting himself tricked, and nearly killed. Because letting go of that fantasy would be too violent. And when that fantasy ended up shattered, (with Neu's death), Youji had to quickly enter in another dream, back to the "no woman can resist me" fantasy . Because that's the way Youji lives with his pain, even if that can get rather infuriating for the outside observer… A little parenthesis: I don't know if Neu was Asuka; I don't think the anime was ever clear about that… Now, about Ran/Aya. As I said before, his approach to pain is totally different. He is a Cancer. The fact that he lost his family was an extremely cruel event. Things get even worst, when you think that the Cancer is EXTREMELY connected and devoted with his family, to the point of self-sacrifice. Only, when they get hurt, Cancers build a hard shell, lock themselves in and throw away the key. And they don't let somebody else inside that shell that easily. A person has to "smash the door in" to get trough the shell, and the Cancer gets uncomfortable with such an intrusion, if not angry… That explains a bit the trouble with Sakura… Only there's a catch with the Cancer: there're extremely temperamental, and destined to mood swings… And katana swings against flying helicopters… (I know, bad joke -_-).
Let me open another parenthesis, this one about Youji's looks. Other characters might actually be more attractive than Youji (Ran may be the case, in a certain way). In fact, the way I found Weiss Kreuz was trough Aya. A few months ago, I was surfing the net and found this really good looking picture of some guy who looked a lot like an 21 century Kenshin Himura… And that was Aya! So, I guess my really first favourite character was Ran! But, eventually, I ended up knowing the rest of the Weiss group… And, Youji too… And, no matter how much I usually prefer the Ran kind of characters, Youji ended up gaining and balancing himself in the first place of my preferences. Yes, my head works in a funny way o_O. I actually started to find his cheap lines, hilarious; his fashion sense, daring; his perverted ways, alluring; his (uncommon) moments of astuteness, surprising; and, most of all, his inner weaknesses, endearing.I just thought I had to explain myself over my Youji appreciation.

Written by me *sweat drop*

First of all I want to say to all of you negative people, why are you wasting your time bashing? I know you have your opinions and I try to respect that but honestly, how immature can we be here? I think Yohji is a well developed character, one of the best on the show. True, he's kind of a player, but thats true for most guys. Either way you look at it, could say ANY character on the show is a slut. (if you're not one of those yaoi denying people who don't see it when its right in front of your face.) Yohji did go through a lot in his past, and so did the other characters. He deals with it his way, just as Ken and Omi and Aya do. I really wish you guys would back off. Its a shrine to Kudou, isn't it? If you don't like him then you shouldn't be here. Shoo. Go drool over your favorite Weiß or Schwarz and stop char-hating. =Þ
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I will agree that he is a play boy, but for him it seem charming & he's dead sexy...i will also agree that he probably does a lot of it because he's looking for his long lost Asuka...& can you blame the poor guy? id be upset too if i lost my partner & my possible love interest
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"yes yes we all know that yohji sleeps around, but someone hasnt pointed out that he doesnt seem to sleep with people who dont want to and he doesnt make promises he cant keep. now thats a man. the girls that sleeps with him know thats all theyre gonna get. so who cares if he sleeps around, if no one seems to mind?"
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"Yohji May seem like this really big playboy and you can say he sleeps around But don't you think it is just an excuse or a cover up for the lost of his late lover ? Look at him he's totally devoted to her. He didn't even want to hurt the enemy thinking she was her (well it could have been) although she was hurting him like mad and doesn't even remember him.But the point is he still is devoted to her, he dreams about her and even hallucinates about her sometimes (in the comic)."
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"Okay, I'll agree that he *is* a player, no denying that, and even though those types of people annoy the heck outta me in real life, in anime, let's face it, it adds flavor to the show. And let's also look at it this way, he lost the love of his life, maybe, he's just trying to find someone to love just as much as Asuka."
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"Youji is a sweetey; he cares about his companions even if he does tease them from time to time. He is a ladies man. He has the guts to say rude comments about Aya when Aya is in ear shot; he knows what he feels is right, because he Questions the orders he and Aya were given in the OVA's to Aya of all people or that classic scean where he puts Nagi and Tots hands together in ep 21. Still devoted to his late lover."
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"There are a lot of people saying that he sleeps with more than his fair (or proper) share of women -- more accurately, I quote a friend of mine: "The man is a slut -- have libido will travel". Whereas it is true that he is guilty of wanderlust, I believe that these women he does get intimate with are very willing and VERY glad to have done so. He isn't the type to say something he doesn't mean. When he compliments a woman, it's not purely for the reason to get her to bed -- one of the most unique and absolutely lovable qualities Kudoh-san has is how he sees beauty in every woman. He knows how to make a woman feel special. He doesn't lie -- he says what he sees in a girl and that is why they go out with him, because with him they feel appreciated. Women aren't stupid -- they know when they're being dragged along. If they feel that they're being used -- they won't go there. Plus, I disagree with people saying how atrocious his attire can get. In my humble opinion, he's one of my favorite characters because he makes the unusual attire (and everything else he wears) Versace. You want weird get ups? Check Tsukiyono-san and his brown shirt...if you can call that a shirt. Not to mention Aya and his horrible orange turtleneck sweater... Kudoh-san knows how it is to love someone. I call to your attention Ms. Asuka -- or Neu, if you will. Thos who've seen the series understand what I mean..."
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"No matter how many women he's with, he treats them all with respect and like queens. He's the only Weiss Kreuz member who could even be remotely called trendy or original. No matter how he jokes around and teases his fellow Weiss Kreuz members, he's always behind them to help out."
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"Youji is a sex god."

"Youji is hilarious."

"He's fun and amusing, and you know you'd much rather hang with him than say... Aya!"

"Yohji is a skilled fighter."

Hi, I just want to say that I agree with the negative side, Yohji is a Big Slut. But we need someone to be one don't we. Well that's what I think anyways. One more thing you got to be joking if you don't like Aya he's the one how makes the show so interesting, so real. I don't care what anyone of you say "AYA IS THE SEXEIST IN THE SHOW SO JUST ADMITED" Yohji will never stand a chance against Aya so just give it up. And please, please stop with the "oh poor Yohji, he lost his Asuka and shit like that". Don't get me wrong or anything like that, I see that was a big lose for him and I'm sorry if I affined anyone but finish it of all ready. Just admit it Yohji is a "BIG FUCKCKAN SLUT "that's all I got to say for now. "AYA RULS JUST ADMIT IT". "AND YOHJI IS A BIG SLUT".
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Wanna know??Youji is a kind of man who sleeps around, and I think includes one-night-stands,too.Sounds weird and too conservative.But I think,an intercourse outside a marriage is a SIN in every kind of religion....No matter how liberal & modern the people are,no matter how sex before marriage is such a common stuff,in any religion, it's stiill a SIN.And that means,our Youji Kudou is a SINNER. Sin,when you gonna learn?Oh yeah,HE NEVER EVER LEARN......
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I know that a lot of people support Yoji and his whorish ways mainly because he lost his precious Asuka and all--and personally I think her death was very tragic too--but I'm also getting sick and tired of people running the whole "Yoji and Asuka tragedy theme" into the ground! Enough already! We've heard the sad tale a million times, however when I watch Yoji in the anime series I don't get the impression that he sleeps around with various different women (most of whom he probably doesn't even know their first or last names!) because he's always in a deep depression. Sure, he's really upset about Asuka's death and misses her terribly, but for the most part he usually seems to be in a good mood. In fact, he's even more cheerful and smiling than Omi or Ken. He just appears to screw around town simply because he enjoys getting laid--not because of some psychological trauma. He just likes it, like all gigolos do! End of story. And furthermore, womanizing characters like him really get on my nerves, I just can't stand them. I have a lot more respect for the other more virtuous members of Weiss, simply because they don't screw around town or play with people's hearts. Just to mention one example, take Ken for instance. He really, truly loved Yuriko with all his heart and soul and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He cared so much for her that he was even willing to quit Weiss and live with her in Australia, but he had to decline in the end because he felt he wasn't good or pure enough for her. His hands were too stained with blood and didn't deserve to be with a wonderful person like her. That proved that he really did love and respect her. However, if he had been Yoji, the situation would have had a completely different outcome. Yoji, being the trampy playboy he is, would have handed Yuriko a bunch a flirty pick-up lines just to get into her panties--and then he never would have even bothered to call her the next day! After he scored with her, he would have moved on to the next available chick! Sorry to disappoint all you Yoji fans out there, but the guy is only interested in cheap one-night-stands. Regardless of how gentlemanly he may act, he's still only interested in one thing--SEX! He may have a chivalrous attitude towards women, but he still treats them like sex objects. And that is something you cannot deny. Besides, I never really thought Yoji was that good-looking anyway. I always thought Aya, Ken, and Omi were much more handsome and had better character. And just to speak on Aya's behalf, I think he did the right thing by telling Sakura how he truly felt about the situation. It would have been wrong of him not to. First of all, Aya is a 20-year-old adult and Sakura was only fifteen or sixteen. She was just an underage minor. If Aya had pursued a romantic interest in her, he would have been the world's largest pervert (next to Yoji of course). Not to mention the fact that such a forbidden relationship is against the law and he would have gone to jail for statutory rape! Such an illegal act is considered a serious offense. Plus, there's also the very disturbing fact that Sakura happened to be the spit-image of his younger sister. They could pass for identical twins, yikes! How incesterous can you possibly get? Aya may seem a little cold and harsh sometimes, but he's NO PERVERT! And thank God to, because he happens to be my favorite character! *dreaming of sexy Aya with big grin, woo-hoo!*
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In response to the positive comments, I would just like to point out that I truly HATE Yoji Kudou's guts! The guy is a total joke and I just don't see how people can like him. I find Aya and Ken much more attractive and like their characters a lot more. And as for that one particular remark stating that "if you really wanna think about it, any of the characters on the show could be a slut" I just have to say that that's the biggest load of CRAP I've ever heard! You've got to be kidding! I don't think it's possible to call Aya (Mr. Celibate himself) a slut, do you? And what about sweet and innocent little Omi, would you call him a slut too? And as for Ken he had only been with one girl, Yuriko, and he really DID love her. In fact, he wanted more than anything to go with her to Australia to be with her forever. That's called love--not whoring around! Aya, Omi, and Ken did not sleep around with every female on the block like Yoji did, so how could anyone claim that they could be sluts? That doesn't even make sense. That's downright retarded! And as for the comment that we "negative" people have no business visiting this Kudou shrine, I'd also like to point out that we have every right to be here the same as anyone else! Although we may not like Yoji and think he sucks, we have our own individual reasons for visiting this site. Some of us like to look at the picture galleries or search for pieces of information about the show. But for whatever reason we have for being here, you have NO right to tell us to shoo off! Besides, if the person who created this site listed both a positive and negative section for comments, then we "negative" people are perfectly entitled to voice our opinions on the subject. If the creator of "Jade Eyes" didn't want any critical remarks about Yoji Kudou, then she wouldn't have given us the opportunity to give them. She wants both comments equally. And by the way, does anybody even know what char-hating means? I've never heard of the stupid word before and I doubt very much that anyone else has either. I guess it's just a word somebody made up on their own, you think? And what the hell is that goofy-looking symbol? Can anybody figure out what it actually stands for, or is that just something the person made up too? Enquiring minds wanna know!
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Okay, I've got just one thing to say to all you so-called "positive" people---GIVE IT A REST!!! I've read all the comments on this page and now I'm gonna put my two cents in. So here it is. The way I look at it is this, just because Yoji lost his beloved Asuka in a terrible tragedy doesn't mean that he's got to be a freakin' WHORE about it! I'm not trying to be insensitive or anything, but losing his ex-girlfriend is no excuse to go trampin' all over town! Lots of people lose people they love and care about, but that shouldn't turn them into a slut like him! I'm so sick and tired of everyone using Asuka as an excuse for slutboy's trampy behavior. It's starting to get on my nerves! And why in the world does everybody think Yoji is so sexy and irresistible anyway? Personally, I think he's kinda goofy-looking myself. He's as tall as the Jolly Green Giant, skinny as a toothpick, his hair usually looks greasy and messed up, and the shape of his face is way too long and narrow. Sorry to shock all you Yoji fans out there, but the guy just looks a little too odd for my taste! Not only do I think he's ugly and funny-looking, but he smokes too. Nasty! The man is a walking-talking ashtray. Kissing him would be like kissing a cigarette! I think any stupid woman who falls for his baloney-ass lines has got to be out of her freakin' mind! She'd have to be nuts (not to mention pretty desperate). Nobody really watches the show for ol' Yoji the HOji anyway. Everybody knows that the main reason people watch Weiss Kreuz in the first place is because of the REAL #1 hunk---which can be none other than the ultimate sexy bishounen himself, Aya! That's right, AYA is without a doubt the sexiest, stylish, and most gorgeous man in the entire series! Aya is sooooo handsome, he can run circles around Yoji Kudou anyday! Yoji is no where near as attractive as the hunky redhead, Aya's exotic beauty beats Yoji by a huge landslide. I can name a thousand reasons why Aya is far hotter and better than slutboy, but here's just a few. First of all, Aya is naturally beautiful from head to toe. He doesn't feel the need to have to flirt around with a bunch of airhead girls to be sexy--he was just born sexy. Unfortunately, that's NOT the case with Yoji. Yoji tries too hard to be sexy and goes out of his way to wear tacky, skanky clothes to make himself look and feel attractive. He relies heavily upon his phony pick-up lines and womanizing charms. As far as I'm concerned, Kudou is nothing but a fake! A real hunk wouldn't have to try so hard to flaunt it and then brag about it to everyone just to make himself look good. Plus, Aya just naturally has a lot more style and class than Yoji. The redhead is much more sophisticated, not to mention a hell of a lot more intelligent! Aya is smarter and more cunning, plus he doesn't goof off half of the time like Yoji does. Yoji likes to clown around too much, especially on serious missions. While the rest of the members are trying to find out vital information for the dangerous assignments, Yoji is too busy flirting with some girl and giving her flowers. How dumb and immature is that? Weiss is on a life-or-death mission and Kudou is asking women out on dates! Talk about absurd! There are so many reasons why Aya is better, it's no wonder that he's most people's favorite character. I'm sorry to have to disappoint all you Kudou fans out there, but YOJI SUCKS! He sucks big time! As far as I'm concerned, the show wouldn't even be worth watching if it wasn't for the coolest hunk of all---Aya! AYA RULES!!!!
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"I have been reading a lot of the positive and negative comments about Yoji Kudou, and while some of the positive remarks may be true, I'm afraid I have to agree with the negative side. Don't misunderstand me, I think Yoji Kudou has a lot of good points and he's basically a nice guy, but in my personal opinion I just feel that he's also getting way too big for his britches! I don't care how attractive or charming he is, there's no way that he can get absolutely any woman he wants in the whole, wide world! I find it a little difficult to believe that no female is immuned to his ridiculous charms--which are nothing more than just cheesy pick-up lines. I think it's really stupid how everyone makes it seem like no woman on earth can resist him. If he came up to me and tried to use those stupid pick-up lines to get into my pants, I'd laugh in his face and tell his sleazy butt to get lost! There's no way in Hell I'd be dumb enough to fall for his crap! He thinks he's God's gift to women, but I don't think so. He's just another womanizing playboy trying to get laid, that's all. He goes through more women than he goes through changes of underwear--that's assuming he's even wearing any! Maybe some girls are stupid enough to fall for guys like him, but I'm not one of them. Personally, I don't find men with over-inflated egos attractive in the least bit, regardless of what they look like. I have to agree with the negative people when they say that Yoji Kudou is nothing but an egotistical tramp! He'll always be a big whore in my book, that's for sure. The guy is a slut!"
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"Yoji has a lot of good qualities such as being chivalrous, funny, sensitive, and loyal--but for the most part I think he's nothing but a big SLUT!!! Let's face it, the guy is the world's biggest WHORE!!! He sleeps around more times than a hooker on a street corner, but hey, at least he's got a sense of humor. I guess that counts for something, right? Anyways, I do like Yoji's character in the anime series, I think he's pretty cool sometimes. Plus, he does wear some half-way decent outfits during most of the episodes, but some of his pictures are just downright tacky! He wears that godawful tanktop and those cheap-looking, tight pants (which unfortunately makes him look like a sleazy pimp!) and other butt-ugly outfits that the biggest majority of the human population wouldn't be caught dead in. Sorry, but it's true. He might be a nice guy overall--but he's still the neighborhood tramp. And that's no lie!"
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"At the flower shop, I've seen the poor man sport this sleeveless scoop-neck red shirt. *shudder* That's some ugly stuff."

"His frighteningly fruity midriff baring tanks and cheesy pick up lines."

"He's easily distracted."

"Sin? I don't think he's ever gonna learn."