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Identification Data:

Name: Youji Kudou

Age: around 20

Date of birth: March the 3rd

Height: 182 cm

Blood Type: AB

Image Flower: Cattleya

Significant other: Azuka (deceased)

The famous infamous tank top.

A kitten in tiger skin. Next to Ken.
Trade marks: dark glasses and "fashion statement" outfits

Group: Weiß

Poor Balinese...
Codename: Balinese

Weapon: wire

Opposing Group(s): Schwarz; Schereient


Opponents: Schuldich, Neu

Note: Maybe Balinese was the third to enter Weiß, Bombay being the first, Siberian being the second, and Abyssinian, the last. At Abyssinian's arrival, Balinese as been in Weiß for two years (manga evidence). the Anime Youji, and the Manga Youji: Youji is perhaps the character that went through more changes from the manga to the anime...


Differences between the manga and the anime Youji

Here we have the manga Youji, and the anime Youji. The striking difference? The hair. Manga Youji's hair is definitely darker, being brown. Anime Youji's hair is something that has been described as "dirty blond".
Well, it doesn't show in these pictures, but Anime Youji's chin tends to be a bit longer than the Manga Youji's one.
Personally, I think the Manga Youji looks... let's say, younger than Anime Youji.
One similarity: for some reason, both Youjis use their hair tied while in the flower shop, and loose, during missions.
Both Anime and Manga Youji's also use the same kind of outfit while in mission. And, maybe the Manga Youji uses more... daring street outfits than the Anime Youji (but I'm not really sure about this...)
One difference that is much more blatant here: Anime Youji's nose is bigger than the Manga Youji's one.
The type of glasses are also different (I personally prefer the Manga ones).
That is all.

Any more differences or similarities? Send them here.



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The emblematic left arm tatoo.