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Justice For Adjani


A Mother & Child Worst Nightmare;
"Abused by judges and Lawyers"

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** FACT **

The reality? DRUG IMPAIRED CRUEL RACIST JUDGE(s) quote: **"TUFF, learn to live Homeless and Destitute in Florida, Mrs. Nicholson. GET OVER IT, you better give the respondent child visits. And you and your child Better learn to See, the respondent "your" husband with his new lovers. And you better Not, try to seek help or support from your family outside Florida. Because, I Will imprison you and take your child Away. AM I CLEAR, Mrs. Nicholson?!"** KORDA'S court! This is this Mother's first, introduction to Florida. The Story below is, repeated around this country - court room after courtroom, child after child, family after family, daily. Our goverment Officials "ignore" our, Concerns.- The Police will "not" act to force the State to "comply" with it's, Laws. They do what they do because there is, "no negative consequences for Harming our children". In fact they are "Rewarded" handsomely for Stealing our precious children tearing Apart, our families. Public Officials and case workers will-not return, Citizens calls and concerns. Very little or no investigative work is done. "MISmanagement in the EXTREME". Many children are Lost in the system, or, in the worst case, never found." - As this Mother's Worst nightmare, a grave injustice Story as a matter of Fact: involving abuse, injuries, mislead to move to Florida, divorce, Sexual Assault by her FL divorce lawyer, threats by that FL attorney, Chief of police refusal to investigate Protect victims of Unpunished Crimes and Litany of other events that defy Everything this, country stands for. Judicial abuse in America is rampant, and plain ILLEGAL. The United States is divided at home and dreaded, Abroad.

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National Alliance for Family Court Justice... is Concerned, the courts are HARMING the Children treating them as Property. By Unethical judges exploitation of Mother& Children rights and Terrorists Acts against our children by, State system workers. With total disregard, of a Child's needs and Trauma of illegal Abductions, in the most Brutal way..from loving parents Denied too See or speak to their mother threatened and intimidated. A Mother's exhaustive Plea's to FBI and interpol, "ignored". Despite Supreme Court States recently: Federal Law Requires, "all reasonable efforts be made before recommending Removal of a child from their home." Still, the courts system is Destroying our children and impoverishing parents by: "Our Civil rights been trampled on", ignored we are Aggrieved. Not allowed by the family court for any legitimate reason, (e.g. unfitness) to be EQUAL PARENTS, and our children not allowed EQUAL ACCESS to each and both parents. i.e: [Temporary custodian "Aliantion of our child in Contempt" of, court. Judges allowing parents to be Falsely accused "without evidence". Making rulings NOT based on facts or "due process". Judges are NOT enforcing their own Court rulings citizens Parents judicial relief. "FL Judicial committee "ignores" complaints of, Judges Misconduct. Behind these distortions of truth, citizens must question Ethics of the "Judicial Qualification Committe" intended to uphold the ethics of Judges. (and ABA for lawyers) Fact: when it comes to the court system it isn't a male female thing. It is who can give the judges and lawyers what they want, that is usually sex or money. It's MORE about, States collecting Federal fund$ for turning your case, into non-custodial. Milking Parents for All the money it can. Starting with lawyers "middle men" judicial decisions being bought with "kick-backs" via guardiam ad litems Favorable to Abusers, to take Child Away. Mother's CHASTIZED denigrated as sex objects Victimized by these judges and lawyers. "WE MUST HOLD JUDGES ACCOUNTABLE for rulings DESTROYING FAMILIES before, more Children and Parents become Casualties of conflict, they have no control trapped by, "Bureaucratic Totalitarianism."

Now it is 2007....Despite exhaustive years, to Reform laws: "Us, Advocates,We knew when we got OUR JUDGE below "crack dope" Dishonorable judge off the bench, that NEVER again, could he intervene in the future Safety of another child..but as we knew as well, there were MORE corrupt Judges in that Unethical courthouse. Coupled with the lack of proper procedure from the Police Dept Broward violates the rights of the innocent people and stand behind criminals. Same as, Iraq War) The Same Oppression, "Parents in America endure years" if, one Dares to try, to bring to justice Criminals. It seems, there are too many nasty people in this world that feel like they need to Oppress, suffocate and stamp out Human Dignity and Freedom. Judge Korda has demonstrated Disregard of the Law, with Flagrant judicial Misconduct. - "The injustice committed against me is not just, the physical Separation from my beloved child, but the willful Desecration by FL state of the Mother child Bond which is, a SACRED emotional entity. Forcibly taking a Mother's child Controlling her emotionally by..."not letting her see her child" must be Publicly the Greatest "Mis-use" of power by, American courts. - Shocked to be targeted Discriminated by judge Korda Racial Attacks, SPEAK ENGLISH! Sanctioned by, mis-using my little girl as, FL Pawn! Despite, my impeachable Moral character. And Absolute no assistance by, Governor Jeb Bush since 1997. His office reply: "Governor has NO power to Stop Crimes". Compassionless that in 15 years, these children Kidnapped by FL will ask, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING OF? To take me Away, from the love Care of my Mother & family? - "This is, the Bush administration Legacy." - Forced government intrusions into our lives and homes Kidnapping Our child... "THE LOSS WITH NO GRAVE NO CHANCE FOR MOURNING, because WE STILL LIVE IT EVERY DAY". (Shattered lives of, once well to do parents) forcing families into begging position and monetary efforts just to remain in their child's life Or, keep Searching for our VANISHED CHILD in FL. Left, "barely" survival for ourselve Struggling for our child and a, roof over our heads. FACT: Judge Korda has ruined more lives than anyone can keep track off. He does nothing but put Children in Danger! FACT: "PARENTectomy" is the removal, erasure a caring parent in a child's life, following separation or divorce. A prime example of parentectomy is when 1 parent moves away from the other fit and loving parent. -PARENTectomy- is THE MOST CRUEL infringement upon children's rights to be carried out against human children by human adults. -- PARENTectomy is psychologically LETHAL to children and parents.

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Police: Smith Judge Caught Using Marijuana

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A family judge Korda who was involved in proceedings in the Death case Anna Nicole Smith Model was discovered smoking marijuana in a park, according to police.

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March 19, 2007

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - A Broward County judge who was part of the Anna Nicole Smith proceedings was Discovered Smoking Pot in a Hollywood park Sunday and will have to appear in court for his actions, according to police.

Judge Lawrence KORDA was in Stanley Goldman Park, near Hollywood Blvd Sunday around 2pm police said. When police patrolling the park smelled marijuana, they followed the scent and found KORDA seated on a bench, police said.

Korda, 59, was "not arrested" but was issued a notice to appear in court and faces a Charge for Marijuana possession, according to police.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPolice Ticket ...shows Korda with Narcotics by, Public Affairs.

KORDA currently is a Judge in Broward county Family Court.

Korda made national news during the Smith case in South Florida when he was assigned to hear pleas from lawyers for Larry Birkhead, an ex-boyfriend of Smith who claims to be the biological father of Smith's baby, Dannielynn. Korda dismissed the paternity.

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By P.McMahon/ Tonya Alanez

March 21 2007

The NAACP an Advocacy group filed complaint, calling for Broward Circuit Judge Lawrence Korda to be REMOVED FROM THE BENCH he was charged with misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana after Hollywood police said they caught him smoking pot Sunday afternoon in a city park. Where Children play, 20 feet away.

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Judge Lawrence Korda's Marijuana citation prompted Broward's chief judge to transfer him. Korda will swap jobs with the other judge Seidlin the Anna Nicole Smith case.

Each will take on the other's division -- meaning that Seidlin will move to family court and Korda will take on probate and juvenile court, April 9.

The Florida Supreme Court can also suspend judges with or without pay at the request of the Judicial Qualifications Commission, a state group that polices judicial behavior. To request a Suspension, the JQC must first file Notice of formal Charges.

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March 31 2007

Gov. Charlie Crist on Friday assigned Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle to handle the Marijuana possession case involving Judge Lawrence Korda, who was charged with a misdemeanor March 18. (NOTE: Attorney Rundle was Mandated by governor Bush in 1999, to correct Korda Mis-handling of my child case. STILL WAITING for reply.)

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Apr 10, 2007

(CBS4) FORT LAUDERDALE A Broward judge who was busted for Marijuana in a Hollywood park last month is set to take a leave of Absence, effective tomorrow.

The swap came after Chief Judge Ross said his office had received some PETITIONS from people who voiced CONCERNS over Judge Korda presiding over family court cases following his Drug Arrest.

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"I think a little break is appropriate." "I think this will allow issues to sort themselves out" said, Ross.

Ross also told the Herald that Korda is currently "in private counseling" and Drug treatment.

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"No judge should violate the laws we all share," said Marsha Ellison, president of the Fort Lauderdale NAACP. "When you have a judge who is Not Supposed to be above the law, he should Follow the Law It's a Poor example for everyone else."

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Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Dear Mrs. Nicholson:

I am in receipt of your letter of April 23, 2007. First, you should be advised that the Judicial Qualifications Commission will decide Judge Korda's fate.

Second, he has been treated like "everyone else." In fact, he has been treated harsher than the average citizen. A special out of county prosecutor has been appointed and a judge from a different jurisdiction has been assigned.

In regards to your case, I don't have the authourity to intervene in the same. I suggest you contact a lawyer and Explore your legal remedies. Good luck.

Sincerely, Chief Judge Dale Ross

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Judge KORDA's Marijuana Arrest court Trial

Record Broward County Case: 07001808MM40A

State Reporting number: 062007MM001808A88840

ReHEARING: May 7,2007 - ROOM 230 at 08:30 a.m.

Transferred to: Deerfield Court (file sent 4/30/07)

Judge: "BAILEY"

Judge Korda's Defense Lawyer: Mike Dutko

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket TOP NEWS 5/7/07... A Ft. Lauderdale judge KORDA caught Smoking Marijuana in a Park pleaded GUILTY and will not serve jail time. But will go to Psychiatric care, RAMDON drug testing for the next 6 months, NO DRUGS or ALCOHOL this does-not include, investigation by the Florida Judicial Qualification committee.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket SEE CBS4: go to PAGE 2 of TOP STORIES and Korda's video on Top second column

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Ft.Lauderdale Top judge Dale Ross gets caught in a blogjam

May 15 2007


The chief-judge-for-life doesn't much like the Criticism of his regime that's Busting out in the blogosphere.

Undermines the judiciary, Broward Chief Judge Dale Ross complained. ''There's nothing constructive offered,'' he told Miami Herald's Jennifer Lebovich.

The judge's words were reminiscent of his letter published in The Herald last September complaining that one of my columns was undermining his judiciary.''If the intent of The Miami Herald is to erode the public trust and confidence in the court system, it has done a good job,'' the judge wrote.

And now the chief-bubba-for-life is catching hell in the new media. A blog posted by a group called the Justice Advocacy Association of Broward ( has been posting similarly unkind comments about the perpetual Ross regime.

William Gelin, one of the architects of the blog, of the complaints blogged against a system Ross has overseen since Feb. 1, 1991: That Broward judges are rarely opposed. Lawyers know that if they run against a sitting judge -- no matter how incompetent or controversial -- there will be hell to pay.

And that Broward judges have been able to enrich their special friends with special-defender appointments. The blog describes a system in which Ross keeps his job by protecting sitting judges and intimidating potential opponents.

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Jim DeFede For CBS4 News

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FT. LAUDERDALE The Broward judiciary is a MESS

One judge Korda who was caught smoking marijuana in a public park, while another makes a fool of himself on national television presiding over the Anna Nicole Smith circus. The chief criminal judge wrapped up a recent trial by suggesting the defendant and the victim and the witnesses--all of whom were Poor and black--didn't really matter. "NHI" he said. No humans involved.

The Broward judiciary is rife with allegations of bigotry, Racism, nepotism,Sexism, cronyism - and every other ism you can imagine.

You have judges telling crime victims they have to speak English if they want to be heard, while the county's top judge Dale Ross, has been Accused of RIDICULING Mexican and African-American defendants from the bench.

“Here it's a situation where this good Old Boy Network is so entrenched, SO POWERFUL that these judges, these smart young lawyers who want Reform are basically handicapped because their careers will be Hurt.”

Judge Seidlin is part of circus that makes up Broward judicial system "Broward County is a major metropolitan area," said Bill Gelin. "It's a majority minority community, and it is still being run by boss hog and his adjutants."

Gelin is a Broward attorney who has had enough. Along with a group of other attorneys, he created The Justice Advocacy Association of Broward (JAABLOG), a website and blog dedicated to chronicling the problems within the Broward judiciary system.

“Many of the judges getting into trouble are the more senior judges because they basically feel invincible," said Gelin. “They don't feel accountable to the community any longer and that's the real problem.”

And that is one of the big issues on JAABLOG -- changing the way judges are appointed in Broward and encouraging competitive elections. Today judges rarely face opposition, and as a result they feel like they are appointed for life.

And since the system REWARDS seniority, younger judges are afraid to speak out.

“Here it's a situation where this good old boy network is so entrenched, so Powerful that these young judges, these smart young judges who want reform, they are basically handicapped because their Careers will be Hurt,” said Gelin.

First step toward change is obvious. Judge Dale Ross, who has been Broward chief judge since 1991, needs to step aside. Embarrassed by his own conduct as well as the conduct of his brethren, Judge Ross recently embarked on a public relations campaign, promising "Sensitivity" training for members of the judiciary.

But NO REFORM CAN OCCUR as long as he remains. There should be term limits on how long you can be chief judge.

But since Ross is unlikely to go voluntarily, Gelin and others will have to take this fight to Tallahassee and demand Legislature impose limits on how long you can serve as chief judge.

I asked Gelin if he was afraid of retribution.

“I'm not afraid to be taking this public stance. We need change now. We need reform now. And quite frankly I'm more concerned about what will happen if I don't act,” he said.

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May 23, 2007

Florida Sun-Sentinel

By Tonya Alanez

Dale Ross announced Tuesday he was "Stepping Down" as Broward chief judge, ending a long tenure that recently was rocked by "high-profile" controversies and judicial gaffes.

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June 14, 2007

"Perverse Lawrence Korda"

Three months after being caught smoking Marijuana in a Hollywood park, Broward Circuit Judge Lawrence L. Korda has told Gov. Charlie Crist that he's Stepping down after a long (Tyrant) career.

Korda, a FAMILY COURT JUDGE, chose the effective date of his retirement as July 2.

''It has been my honor to serve the court and the state for over 30 years,'' Korda said.

Korda, 59, who has been on leave of absence, did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment.

Hollywood police busted Korda on March 18 as he sat smoking a joint under a tree in Stanley Goldman Park. Last month, Korda apologized in court, saying, ``I make no excuse for my actions.''

In February, Korda gained brief national attention when he heard arguments in a case related to the drama surrounding the death of Playboy centerfold Anna Nicole Smith at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino near Hollywood.

Korda's retirement will likely end an "investigation into his conduct" by the Judicial Qualifications Commission, the state agency that investigates Misconduct by Judges.

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VIOLATIONS OF THE SUPREME COURT RULING: Abuse of judicial power and judicial system "intrusion, life and family disruption of US citizen’s lives", is Violation of privacy rights. Supreme Court rules: "It is NOT the state right nor jurisdiction, to Examine the day to day decisions choices of parents and then sit there in judgment and Force parents to follow Conflicting standards with threats, of noncompliance. The U.S.A Constitution’s 14th Amendment contains a Recognized right to Privacy. - This means, government and a respondent..."may NOT infringe on a parents' rights, Bond and Upbringing of their child". When they Violate this Fundamental right, they would be intruding on the family’s life and liberty interest. 1st Amendment bars such action. - Parroting the term “best interest of the child” is.. “legally insufficient” to use in or by the courts to, Force parents to follow ARBITRARY STANDARDS, Classes, case plan or some horse and pony show. The courts cannot Usurp a fit parent's rights. -- "No comfort to this Mother, illegally Denied her child by FL". - Sila and her family, do NOT feel safe in Florida's Violence and feel, der daughter Adjani is NOT safe in FL golf corrupt officials. -- There's, No indication. "Florida Protects Criminals". -- Stone walls Victims if, you try bring Defendants to justice. "No perpetrators have been held Responsible as "harming me"; No one Prosecuted! -- The grave Victimization trauma has been done - the Evil is past cure! -- This Mother's fervent prayers is RELIEF from Florida Violations, be Reunited with her child Kidnapped. Judge Korda Shows "no regard with Safety" of, Mother's&children. Korda finds it.."Humorous to inflict Mother Miscarriage"..of Unborn child due to, his Abusive hearings without notice. Total injustice, to women everywhere! He Executes judgements that are ilogical, inhumane. Korda's "Mockery of justice" America's system Failure is, Clear.

Worst off, how Parents's have NO Scrupples. To use and Sacrifice their Child in order to Control punish loving mothers, how courts help Abusers...who go on to free load of lovers to keep under Radar (with her child exposed to all sorts of barren female lovers from all walks of life exposing her to Harm; taking off with latest Lover who caused immeasurable Horror grief to Sila's family and then, discarded her) 2004 Mr. Nicholson took her Minor child OUT of Jurisdiction, in court Violation. -- It is totally Unimaginable how, Mr. Nicholson can Destroy his child's Hopes and maternal Security and selfishly try to Maintain the image he holds of himself, in their eyes. And on to wife#3 in 2006, CONTINUES STEALING this Mother disability. Yet had, my Minor child to get a Job pay, her school. -- "Any Outsider can look at this tragedy and Bleed Emotionally if not, physically." -- Her daughter "utterly, Brainwashed with hate. Mr.Nicholson, did not comply court Ordered Physcological therapy for child so, she could understand facts, emotionally be FREE OF BONDAGE of him...

Sad Little Girl

In places, we least expect as in America, life teaches us lessons..however, unjust..that seem Horrible and affect your life in a Profound way, that make you realize your Strength, strong Faith Courage understanding and will POWER. For this Established, Fortitude and traveling the ends of the earth to find her child, facing Multi-Culture courts with Wisdom sense of self, that Won't be Shaken by the most trying circumstances mankind's Adversities." This Mother world travels ~ CONFIRM FACT: in 2007..MANY other countries Cultures, DON'T TOLERATE HUMAN TRAMPLING. Many countries, treat victims with Dignity Respect because, they have a Conscious moral Ethics! Mother & baby bond and Family Unity is Respected and fiercely Protected, in any of these Humanitarian countries with strict Ethics. "Out of Florida corruption" whenever, Sila has knocked a door... has Opened. Wherever she has wandered a Path has Appeared. Sila has been Supported, Encouraged and Nurtured by goverment people of all races, creeds, colors Dreams." -- Contrary, to a Forced MOTHERLess america. -- Something that is NOT TOLERATED in all Other country, let Alone forced to Support the adulterer & Abuser. -- "Sila's prayers tears, are for the Return of her Child to her loving arms. That her daughter Adjani, Remember All her life time Affection ~ Colombian close knit strong Family values she taught her ~ Love that will have to sustain them while they are apart. Grieving the Loss of her child... Aspirations, love, friends, time, Int'l Career pursuits of happiness that were Lost by, judge Korda's Abuse of Power. ADJANI HAS A her Mother's Love to grow-up with her, "Blood siblings" in a Nurturing familia and traditions with, Encouragement of her Emotional growth Respect of FREEDOM her, Culture. This Mother would say to you, as a Fact: "Our circumstance is Never our destination".

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, But because of those who look on and do Nothing. -- Albert Einstein

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Jurisprudence - Nicholson vs. Nicholson
Chicago, Illinois #DV92-D18247, 92CO 00410
Florida appeal Won #97-2003

Sila Hernandez Nicholson and her daughter, Adjani, were treated inhumanly in the Court of Florida by Judge Lawrence Korda's repeated verbal Abuse without empathy of his Perverse Cruel child Abuse imposed if not, in his Nonsensical hearings not working on facts. "Failing to Do investigative work" at Critical moments victims Suffering violence. Korda NOT providing Access to the court in Emergency matters; nor FL Shared Parental laws. Judge Korda Abolished abridged this Petitioner Maternal rights by Perpetrating FRAUD in his court (Writ of Prohibition) to "Obstruct Justice" ie: Denial of due process, Bias by Race, sex, religion, Nationality, disability, Ridicules motherhood values - Cultural differences "Hinders Access to justice system" or Assistance, to victims Constitutional rights. Destroying the life of, a young lady who was born in Colombia not Aware of, the legal ramifications of Florida laws. Judge Korda Chastised Mother seeking Protection, to SPEAK ENGLISH...Punished mother NOT LETTING HER SEE HER CHILD again for, PRAYING in her native Spanish.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Judge Korda, REFUSES TO RECUSE himself from this case, preserve integrity of court". -- He REMOVES children quickly from loving parents, "without due process". Biased by Outdated "parental Alienation" syndrome Myth; originally crafted as a legal defense of child Abusers, used in court to Mis-handle violence cases, "Punish" mothers & children reporting abuse". Judge Korda "Errors" underly, "Egregious child custody rulings" (Korda having the Highest, REVERSED on Appeal) IN 2003... American Prosecutors Research Inst. identified PAS as a means, to OBSTRUCT PROSECUTION of Abusers to keep them, Out of child support Responsabilities. By FL state programs giving Financial incentive$ to court to rule in favor of dads; paving way for custody Switch. Change victims ACCESS to her child, to Cover-up Abuse. - "In Violation of, Sila's Active Order of Protection for Mother&Child Against, violence". -- Yet, Korda ordered supervised visits. Objected by her Apellate lawyer as: "Grotesquely inappropriate for his client; Petitioner. [NOTE: Korda is CHAIRMAN of Supervised place "Our House".... he gets 14 MILLION in His pocket in State contracts profits. "Victimization of Mothers&Children via Coercive practices, Abusive court procedures, Excessive evaluations Malicious Prosecution to emotionally Financially drain them. -- Violates: "Violence against Women Act and the Freedom of Movement Act" .. Guaranteed to all American Citizens Survivors of violence and their child. Yet, forced to judge Korda Official Oppresion ex: strict rules of living, isolated from Family/friends NOT allowed to have former family Bond relationships, mind & information control. Under this Oppression, person is made to Act in a way that's Uncharacteristic of their Original identity. Individual personality is Changed to a pseudopersonality. "Defenseless children forced to Adopt behavior and beliefs, that are Not their own." COURT HARM...Post Trauma Stress Disorder. "If you are a parent you know what she was like before she went in and what she was like after she came out". FACT: judge korda imposed Against Our Moral ethics, a FL aternaltive lifestyle Dangerous to our children, without, Adult supervision.

3% of children are abused by a reative during childhood

Sila's Nightmare began, when she was forced to ask FL court for help Against Mr. Nicholson extreme verbal, mental, Physical Abuse, financial Coercions. Whereas, IL and FL court Awarded Extended Order of Protection due to, Mr.Nicholson "threats to Kidnap minor Child Out of State". - Respondent Stated, “I will make your life a living Hell rather, than Pay child Support.”

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Sila endured a marriage with a man, (with a 1st failed marriage with a son) who contributed NOTHING towards his minor daughter's Care, he NEVER took his child to school, never paid any medical/ dental/ never bought clothes or Houses for the child. However, Sila's Career Afforded taking Mr. Nicholson&his son on World-wide Travels with, her child Adjani. Yet after, Mr.Nicholson was Abusive, to mother and child. Sila was Disabled during marriage, Mr. Nicholson Refused to cooperate with Federal government for his wife to receive her benefits. Mr.Nicholson was Mandated, to Cooperate. After Judge Korda Abruptly, gave Estranged husband "Temporary custody and Garnished" wife benefits now, Paid to Abuser. "Gross Violations" Sila's rights, "Denied due process" via ex-parte (one side only considered Unethical...with Respondent/his lawyer Retaliations bringing, Paid for overnight guardian & court psychologist in collusion, of "false Perjurious derogatory" statement about Mother, in her Absence. - "Without disclosure" to Petitioner - "no notice" to Defend, her life! - Korda in "illicit" hearing Executed...Sila's ONLY CHILD be taken-away "without notice"...(Thou, husband Abandon wife&child and was staying with, new lover) ..Ripping small child away from her Loving Mother since, birth. "Sila and Adjani, inseparable". Judge Korda WITHOUT CONSIDERATION that, "this" Mother for 8 years: was a loyal wife "Sole caregiver" Stayed up all nights with a crying child provided Medical Care school, fought for her right's, bought 3 homes giving her All she could in Stable loving life. "Adjani is without question the most important person in Sila's life."

MOTHER's DAY MASSACRE a "Commando raid"

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Irrational violence, women&children endure as terrified neighbors Screamed as (above) 9 police scaled the gates broke-into Síla's house - "no knock warrant Miranda rights" - Ransacked her home. Sila's "Active Order of Protection" ignored by, FL police. [VIOLATIONS: That a State Must prove "unfitness to a Clear standard" when interfering with parent's opportunity to see their child because the imposition of a Parent and child Bond is a life Disruption] Police threw Sila colleagues from abroad into, "state of total Shock" Forcibly illegally kidnapped her 7yr old little girl Screaming at the top of her lungs for her,MAMA! -The Mother was not told, where the child was taken.- (as, Mr.Nicholson watched from his car Adjani's screams)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket APPEAL COURT FINDING: "Gross Violations of Constitutional rights by, judge Korda". HIS REFUSAL HEAR FACTS of respondent's Severity of abuse to mother & child. - Korda, "Shifts Blame unto Victims" for events, they have no control of; and PUNISHES mothers for trying to Re-establish a Bond with their child. A Mother's Anguish for her child, criticized as obsession..(as Badgered by the brutal defense lawyer of her last lawyer samuel lopez who Sexually Assaulted her; who Sila Paid to help Protect her child Enforce Mandate. [FL broward case #01-18642 CACE 14] Mother&baby enduring defendant's Barrage of litigation; endless motions, depositions after depositions; Total invasion of our Safety privacy. Our family under Siege and there's no, Stopping him! [Despite, defendants $5,000 Usd Settlement offers for his indiscretions] Outrageous, FL chief of Police Refuses to Help victims. As this, Mother struggles to have Access to her child. It's arguably, within Normal limits. Because it's "normal" for any Parent to want to know...their child's Safe. Nothing justified this "EXTREME INTRUSION" into her private life by strangers to take her precious child away! Experienced as, a serial Rape of her soul. -- Inasmuch, judge Korda favorable to Agressor this is, "Typical of Batterers" symbolic Threat of Florida's violence.


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"There's no way, to make this story short. "Because of, difficulties judge Korda caused immeasurable Horror grief to this mother and her family are Unimaginable." - The pain every Nightmare, of "Korda's Violence" her Missing child. "The survival of the court trauma proved more difficult in some ways than surviving a marriage because when I finally found strength to try to get Out of an abusive marriage the help I had depended upon from the law against violence, a callous court system Betrayed me. Justice did not come but was Furthered, Victimized. I long to love my child and miss her more than words can describe. - I,understand, "Money & Power" buy, JUSTICE. I have self respect Honour and integrity and cannot tolerate or subject myself to more abuse and also have to pay for it. I paid lawyers a healthy fee for his negligence and very poor representation. - I believed in the American Justice and was naive, to know Cruelty and Lack-of Moral principles many people operate from. I never Phantomed the extend of the cruelty of Mr. Nicholson, Hurting our child daily using her as a Pawn for His pleasures. Futile efforts, paying 5 lawyers to Protect my child. Substantiated with Volumes of Endangerment to child and Contempts of court by, Mr. Nicholson and his lovers, "all Violations police reports IGNORED". [IE: "respondent and paramours, Hit Sila's minor child" with threats, "She better Not try to contact her Mom!" Child expressing to Police, how much she wants to see her Mommy. Testified by Doctors reports bruises and Distress. Her child isolated, forced to new schools] ALL RELIEF DENIED by, dope-judge Korda. Favoritism to the respondent is clear. The Petitioner Mother, was in Compliance per police records. Respondent was Not, cooperative. WAIVER EMPOWERS ABUSE. -- Result: There's no reply where Adjani is located? Or,how her child is being treated? - "Adjani's injustice, forever changed Sila. It's been a Horrific time for Sila." She loves her child very much Only wants to love Care for her, but unlawfully Denied seeing her years. CAPTIVE by FL a GRAVE CHILD ABUSE complaint: "It's cruel for any country to Starve Child from their Mother love. A basic Universal Human right!"

precious baby

Judge Korda "continues illegally taking" this Mother Survival pension. Foremost, her Beloved Child. Denied Entitled distribution Owed by Mr.Nicholson, child support Arrears, Alimony, Denied Medical Care. this Able-bodie man, garnishes 70% of her income) Exorbant amount for child support NEVER Determined-by financial Affidavits, just a figure proposed by Abuser lawyer Rubber-Stamped by Korda. Leaving violence victim, Homeless in FL. Causing her house to be Foreclosed and Bankrupt. Retaliation for, being Reversed on Appeal. MANDATE: Mother and Minor child SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN SEPARATED; not in any danger. Judge Korda, was NOT SUPPORTED BY ANY EVIDENCE" except, his "drug impaired and Divorce industry$ "Systematic gang-rape".

abuse wheel

Do we Act with Compassion or do we pass up that Opportunity to help change government intrusion, and leave the world with "system Terrorizing" children & families? EXPRESS OUTRAGE demand FL IMPEACH CORRUPT JUDGES with NEW FAIR TRIALS. "Our Missing Children help bring them home".

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket As a Society we have a moral Obligation, File Ethical Judicial Complaint against judge Korda's wreckless Drug impaired decisions "Victimizing Children & Familes". OFFICIAL MISCONDUCT: We need Action on Korda's transgressions in HIS CASE before the court drug Arrest.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket HELP SERVE JUSTICE..remove this TYRANICAL JUDGE off the court, HE HAS DESTROYED too MANY FAMILIES. (copy&paste) PETITION where Citizens complain about a Judge. The JQC has the Power to Discipline or Fire for, Official Misconduct: "Drugs Affect decision making" Our Childrens Safety has been failed Miserably by judge Korda's drugs illicit acts in Violation of Oath.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket,,

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at

Chief Judge, 17th Judicial Circuit, 201 SE 6th Street Room 881, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketMs.Brooke Kennerly Director, Judicial Qualifications Commission, Room 102, Historic Capitol Building, Tallahassee, FL 32399-6000 Telephone: 850-488-1581

Nicholson vs Nicholson - Jurisprudence #FL 97-2003

Case# 96-13281-41 DV

Dear Ms. Kennerly:

The Arrest of Florida Broward County Circuit Court Judge Lawrence Korda is very Offensive. Any judge who smokes Marijuana while Actively sitting on the bench should be FIRED. "His nonsensical hearings gross violations of constitutional rights". A judge that, had to be ordered to SenSitivity training after he Screamed at a Hispanic woman who was asking how to file a restraining order against Abusive ex. He told her to shut up and learn to speak English! - It is very Disturbing, as to why your Commission is not taking an investigation into Judge Korda's highly unethical illegal drug behavior and crimes.

It is evident that Judge Korda’s behavior has Violated the following Florida Judicial Canon.

Judge Korda openly smoked Marijuana in a children's Drug Free Zone park. Public confidence of Florida citizens is woefully diminished when the Florida Judiciary does not dismiss Judge Korda from his duties. Florida citizens want to believe that a judge presiding over violence victims Family matters is of the highest integrity and competency. It is clear that Judge Korda’s behavior violated Florida Judicial Ethical oaths which state:


An honorable judiciary is indispensable to justice in our society. A judge Shall Uphold the integrity and should participate in establishing, maintaining, and enforcing high standards of conduct, and shall personally Obey those Standards so that the integrity of the judiciary may be preserved.

…“Conversely, violation of this Code diminishes public confidence in the judiciary and thereby does injury to the system of government under law.”

Judge Korda’s behavior has not only embarrassed the judiciary, but being Arrested for possessing an illegal substance violates Canon 2 which states:


A. A judge shall Respect and Obey the Law and shall act at all times in a manner that promotes public confidence.

..“Canon 2A. Irresponsible or improper conduct by judges Erodes public confidence in the judiciary. A judge must AVOID all impropriety.

Prohibition against personal conduct of a judge that is Harmful. Whether the conduct would create inquiry, disclose judge's ability to carry out judicial responsibilities with integrity, impartiality, and competence is impaired.”


Judge Korda’s illegal behavior has violated:

(2) A judge shall be Faithful Obey the Law and maintain professional competence. A judge shall not be Swayed by partisan interests.

(1) A judge shall disqualify himself or herself in a proceeding in which the judge's impartiality might reasonably be questioned.


A.(2) so a judge's Acts don't DEMEAN the judicial office; or

(3) interfere with the proper performance of judicial duties

The question before this Ethics Commission is whether a judicial officer, as Judge Korda, can Perform his duties impartially while he's NOT influenced by politics or person but by his Choice of illegal drug. Any reasonable person, would have great Suspicion that a Judge who is using an illegal drug would have to have some Unethical contact to Clientele that visits family court venues in order to continue his Supply of this illegal drug.

In fact, placing Judge Korda in any venue that involves Families it a Slap in the face of the standard of Parens Patriae. If Judge Korda is the “father” or “authority” of Florida citizens, then he has Miserably failed. The complaint of Florida’s child protection agency is enormous numbers of parents that are addicted to illegal substances, which impair Judgment and make them a danger their children. It rings hollow to have Florida Judiciary Support and Continue to Employ Judge Korda if he IS, Antithesis of the "appropriate model" to help Children in Florida state.

We make a strong recommendation, that an INVESTIGATION take place into Judge Korda’s court. Recently, in New York, another Family Court Judge was investigated and PROSECUTED after he took bribes to fix family court cases.

These victims of this unethical Judge claim they have been permanently Damaged. All the same essential elements exist for Judge Korda to have been involved in a similar scheme. It becomes IMPERATIVE for this honorable Commission to investigate Judge Korda’s family court history as sitting judge.

It is offensive, that Judge Korda would Not have been Ordered to Admit hair analysis blood work so it could be Determined the extent of his Drug use impairments of his judicial duties.

Disturbances, research shows Marijuana's Adverse impact on memory and learning can last for days or weeks after the Acute effects of the drug wear off.

This indicates, Judge Korda smoking a Marijuana on Sunday, March 19, 2007 would still have lasting effects -- upon his decision making process for days --- or weeks while sitting in Court. Drug analysis of Judge Korda would show that March 19, 2007 wasn't the only time Judge Korda indulged in this illicit and illegal Drug use. This Commission could make this Recommendation in their investigation. I Respectfully request this part of the investigation into this complaint.

Thank you for your attention concerning these Criminal Acts and a review of his, prior cases Reversed on Appeal. He refuses to Enforce Final Mandate, destroying Children and families lives. I wait your prompt reply with Discipline to this Complaint, as a matter of Public safety requesting, judge Korda Removed from Office.

Sincerely, (your name&country)


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

REPLY from: Director of Florida Judicial Qualification Committe:

Months later, JQC Ms.Kennerly decides to reply to Certified mail return receipt JQC complaints sent, April 17, 2007 (a Painful day, my Child Birth-day) complaint against, judge Lawrence Korda caught doing illegal drugs "Official Misconduct" JQC COMPLAINTS ON FILE 1997-2007 Ms. Kennerly allowing his Unethical Abuse. It is Offensive, such a grave Crime by a judge destroying Children&familis and JQC replies to us JURISPRUDENCE case-laws with, All our information, cities, states, names NOT correct. (sent to Mr.Nicholson lovers Pembroke Pines city; place the wife NEVER lived) Ms. Kenner, "fails to Acknowledge that, I AM USA Jurisprudence". I WON Court of Appeal" with a Final Mandate "Return of my child and Relief" dated, 1998. But FL JQC "fail to Enforce their own laws". -- "Due to her gross-negligence, my Child Is Still Missing 11 horrible years, Anguish to a family 3 continents. Because, JQC "allowed judge Korda DRUG IMPARIED to mis-use his court 20 yrs, violating Destroying Endless children&families". Outrageous, "Lack of CONSCIOUS by JQC" despite, Korda guilty Plea irrefutable Crime against Humanity! JQC sent All Korda victims same Denial letter, saying Judge Korda "did nothing wrong". Outrageous. We will Fight back the JQC chain of command, it can not be final decision given grave damages Our children's lives at stake! FL needs clean sweep of these "inhumane" Officials this is, my focus and comprehension. -- Result: My website has gathered Endless victims educated about Judicial abuse by, system failure. A dream for all beleaguered within the court system, broke, saddened. "SPEAK UP AS A SOCIETY with a moral obligation, to Ensure justice for the weary helpless and see that they get justice." My complaint letter to the JQC stated "Cannon Oath Violations" CONTINUE TO BE IGNORED BY FL JQC with efforts, to shift focus from FL crimes! I will insist exposing facts and settle Child issues. "Sila Cristal Hernandez-nicholson", National Alliance Family Court Justice

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

We Love our Children more than, our Own lives. Our children are our "Greatest Treasure" in life. They are our Roots, Heritage and Our legacy. The most Priceless gift, you can Offer your child and others is Your, Care and Support as long as they need you. In doing that, You already Offered relief. [Many Korda victims and nationwide, have written Sila for help] She has devoted her life find her Child, help MANY korda Victims. Expose Human trafficking via Int'l media push goverment officials for answers action. Stop Judges and lawyers Abusing government Authority with Deliberate Cruel Abductions. "Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those who are perishing, the poor helpless and see they get justice." PLEASE HELP MOTHERS ReUNITE with CHILDREN. Protests help stop Abuse, of Our Children by Deliberate destruction of, Families by system. READ VICTIMS stories at: RATEtheCOURTS.COM type: Lawrence Korda and below story facts. Don't ignore but HELP Save lives!

Stop Corruption

Bobbielynn DEAD at 19, same injustice.

BOOK: Abuse of women:

Shown on NBC TV "Chamber of Secrets":

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